Hoard accounts with General Kenobi, Darth Traya & Han Solo | Dominate the arenas from level 28

Hoard accounts for sale.
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Hoard accounts with General Kenobi, Darth Traya & Han Solo | Dominate the arenas from level 28

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»Current hoard accounts status«
Click the link to check directly the list.

What is a hoard account?

► A "hoard account" is an account that has been saving (hoarding) energy during months thanks to the daily free energy, by this way spend all that energy when you want join in the arena server, at level 28, so is needed stop to get experience at level 27 or earlier. Thanks to this energy you can get a better level at the beginning, like level 50 directly in few minutes, something that give a big advantage at the beginning of the game against other players. Meanwhile you get guild shop currency to buy shards to get a 7 stars character and then play heroic T7 raids and unlock Han Solo, General Kenobi and Darth Traya, something that give an extra advantage against other players. It allows to assure always a good rank in the arena, you can easily be rank 1 in both arenas (squad and fleet) and get 900 full daily crystals, without refreshes. With these crystals you will be able to improve your roster faster than rest of players and assure continue being always in the top of the arenas.

Is it legal?

► Build a hoard account is a completely legal thing, the account cannot be reported and banned because of it, the administrators already said in the EA forum that hoard energy is a legal strategy that everyone can do without any consecuence. In every server there are hoard accounts and they never got banned. Already I sold 20 hoard accounts and they not got banned. You can see a screenshot where I reported a hoarder to CG_Leaviathan (the admin who manage the bans to cheaters), to check if there is some consequence, but the admin said is legal.

► Also sell hoard accounts is a completely legal thing because I'm not selling the iOS Apple ID or the Android Google play account, I'm only selling the hoard service, the account will be linked to a new Apple ID or Google Play account through the in-game link system, with the Facebook connect function, in the payment is not included Apple, Google or Facebook accounts, only the link process.

How it works?

► The best strategy is hoard enough energy to get directly level 50, which is 26.755 energy. At the beginning, using the first crystals to buy normal energy, and thanks to the level up free energy, you can get 2.000 energy very fast, plus 900 experience thanks to complete the daily activities and between 360 and 720 experience if you buy energy refreshes the first day, this is a total or around 3.500 experience, so is needed get around 23.000 energy with the hoard activity. Everyday you get 45 free cantina energy and 135 (3x45) free normal energy, this is 180 free energy per day. It means that to get 23.000 energy is needed hoard during 128 days (23.000 / 180 = 128), this is 4 months and 1 week, taking into account the first days for the first 2.000 energy is almost 5 months.

Get level 50 from first day is the best, because you can use mods from the beginning, that are unlocked at level 50, so you will be using mods while the level 28 players still will need 22 levels for that, so from level 28 to 50 you will have 24.000 energy advantage, when at the beginning only is possible get 2.000 experience per day, so you will have 12 days advantage against the rest of players that will not be able to use mods, you will have a better level (50 vs 28), a better gear level (7 vs 4) and mods, futhermore a team with full 7 stars characters, while the rest of players only will have 3 stars characters, and with Han Solo, General Kenobi and Darth Traya unlocked at 5 stars, so they will not be able to defeat you, you will dominate the arena, getting 500 crystals in squad arena and 400 crystals in fleet arena everyday.

What you offer?

► I always have several hoard accounts under construction, in the first reply of this topic you can check the status of every account, by this way you can save some months if you get some hoard account to book your place. Usually all accounts are sold 1 month or more before be finished, if you wait the last moment to buy it you will lose the opportunity.

► I have several guilds doing always 30.000 tickets per day, 210.000 per week, which is the maximum allowed.

With 30.000 daily tickets is possible play Heroic The Pit raids (60k tickets) every 2 days, Heroic AAT raids (90k tickets) every 3 days and Heroic Sith raids (110k tickets) every 3,66 days as average.

In the Heroic The Pit raid the hoard accounts get an average of 3,59 Han Solo shards per account and raid. It means that to unlock Han Solo is needed 145 / 3,59 = 40 raids, so 80 days. Every player gets an average of 688 guild currency per HPit raid.

In the Heroic AAT Tank Takedown raid all hoard accounts get 6 General Kenobi shards per raid. It means that to unlock General Kenobi is needed 145 / 6 = 25 raids, so 75 days. Every player gets an average of 1.271 guild currency per HAAT raid.

In the Heroic The Sith Triumvirate raid the hoard accounts get an average of 5,85 Darth Traya shards per account and raid. It means that to unlock Darth Traya is needed 145 / 5,85 = 25 raids, so 92 days. Every player gets an average of 1.775 guild currency per HSTR.

► The total guild currency per day thanks to the raids is 344 (HPit), 424 (HAAT) and 484 (HSTR), so 1.252 guild currency per day, it means that thanks to raids everyday you can buy 14 shards of some guild shop character, because every 450 currency is 5 shards.

Which is the best strategy?

► First of all is needed improve the account from level 6 to 22, which is the minimum level to join in a guild. To get that level is needed ony reclaim the daily activity about train a character, which give 25 sim tickets and 40 experience as reward. The sim tickets are needed to simulate battles and spend automatically all the energy hoarded, to spend 25.000 energy is needed around 2.800 sim tickets and you get most of them thanks to that daily activity, because from level 6 to 27 is 2.545 exp, so divided by 40 is a maximum of 93 sim tickets rewards, that multiplied by 25 is 2.325 sim tickets, but some of them will be spent at simulate challenges. With the daily login free crystals (500 per month) the best is only buy sim tickets to keep around 3.000 sim tickets all the time. Once you have enough gears of every challenge, when you get around 200 pieces of every challenge, is better stop to play STR, AGI and INT challenges to start to save crystals. From level 6 to 22 is 1.820 exp, so is needed farm sim tickets during 45 days before join in a guild. You don't need wait that time because my accounts for sale already finished that process.

► With the guild shop currency you can get 5 characters to 7 stars, because you will get a total of 115.000 guild shop currency, 1.252 guild currency per day until Traya is unlocked (92 days), this is 256 purchases of 450 currency each, which is 5 shards per purchase, so you can get 1.280 guild shop shards by this way, dividided by 330 is 4 characters at 7 stars, plus Young Han Solo is 5 characters. It allows you to farm 5 jedis (Old Ben, Barriss, Aayla, Kit Fisto & Ima-Gun Di) and finish them when you join in the arena, 3 clones (Rex, Clone Sergeant & Echo) plus Sun Fac or the 4 or 5 characters that you want, if you reserve one account before the guild shop farming starts you can indicate me which are your preferred characters and I will follow your preferences during the farming process. If you buy an account once already I have started the jedis or the clones strategy is better finish that strategy and farm your preferred characters later.


I'm applying a very cheap price for my service: only 1 dollar per day.

A hoard account requires 5 months of hoard activity, 150 days. so the final price is 150 dollars.

This is very cheap because is needed at same time manage 65 tickets accounts, connecting 2 times per day to get the free energy and spend it, so I'm investing 3 hours per day to do tickets on 65 accounts plus 2 hours for the hoard activiy on another 48 accounts, so during 5 months I invest 750 hours, this is an average of 9,60 USD per hour, but at the end is a little less because of payment methods fees and bank currency fees, at the end is more like 8 USD per hour dedication, so is less money than a normal job, less money would not worth this daily effort, I cannot accept lower offers, if you offer 100, 120 or 140 USD I will not accept, already I rejected offers like these, I prefer wait people who pay the full price. I'm using BlueStacks with multi-instances, macros and operations synchronization on a fast PC to make the activity as fast as possible, so is not possible make faster the hoard activity, is not possible manage 48 hoard accounts and 65 tickets accounts in less than 5 hours per day.

Is it fun? Worth it the money and the wait?

If you like the game style and the Star Wars world, this is the best thing you can do at the beginning, because in every new server there is a lot of competition, other hoard accounts and whales that makes it less fun, but with all this hoarded energy, 6 guild shop characters, like Young Han Solo, Old Ben, Aayla, Kit Fisto, Barriss and Ima Gun-Di, etc., plus the raid characters: Han Solo, General Kenobi and Darth Traya, enough energy to farm directly one 7 stars cantina character like Unmasked Kylo Ren or Ezra, with the option to farm Bastila and Ahsoka from the beginning, you will have a solid roster and a good arena team, like a Bastila team with 5* General Kenobi, 7* Ezra, 7* Old Ben and 5* Traya, that will be able to defeat all your enemies in your server, you will be in the TOP 5 all the day.

Anyway will not be too much easy, because the whales (people who pay money for a faster progress) will spend a lot of money to catch you, in this case the whales will make it funnier, but anyway a hoard account is much more better than any whale investment, maybe they get defeat you in some arena battles, but will not be easy for them, you wil be on TOP 5 all the day, and during next months you will continue in the TOP of the arenas thanks to the fast crystals progress, getting 900 crystals everyday, will be needed years for rest of players to be at same power than you, so a hoard account, by only 150 dollars, is much more better than spend 1.000 or 2.000 dollars to buy crystals.

I'm a very old player, I have started to play on December 2015, few time after the launch of the game on October 2015, I played a good account at the beginning, with an own very good guild completing heroic raids, later I started 5 new accounts in the same server at same time and later I started a new one just after the launch of Bastila, so I know everything about the game and I know which are the best strategies for the best progress and to get the most fun and entertaining situation, so the fun is granted if you follow the tips of this topic.

Futhermore, if in some moment you bore the game you can sell the account and you will get back your money plus some extra money for your time, so if you pay 150 dollars, 6 months after probably you will be able to sell it by between 150 and 200 dollars, so in any case you will waste the money.

Is a $150 hoard account better than a $150 account with 3M GP?

By 150 dollars or a little more probably you can find some people selling 3 million galactic power accounts with all characters unlocked, with gear 12 or gear 13 Darth Revan, Jedi Knight Revan, Traya, GK, Padme, Grievous, BB-8, Jedi Training Rey, Han Solo, CLS, OT Chewie, R2D2, Thrawn, Palpatine, etc., with a good fleet arena team with 7 stars Hound's Tooth, Han Millenium Falcon, Vader, Chimaera and a lot of good characters, but this old account will have a very big competition, everyone will be at same level, with all characters at gear 13+ and full relics, so everyone will be able to defeat you, specially if they have better mods, so you will not dominate the arenas, maybe you can get rank 1 in your payout, but later you will drop to rank 20 or more. An account like this is more to enjoy to play the battles on arenas, raids, Territory Battles, Territory Wars, Grand Arena, etc., without any effort, but one of the good things of this game is the effort that requires, when you build your own account deciding every step of the process, gearing every character with your daily effort getting rank 1 in the arenas, the daily effort connecting to the game several times, playing raids and guild ҽvents, when you invest every effort to improve characters, this is the fun part of the game, if you directly get all characters at gear 13+ and full relics, with anything more to do, is not fun.

With a $150 hoard account you will have all the needed to be rank 1 in the arenas from the beginning and be ready to participate in all ҽvents, you will be able to improve your damages step by step, improving your roster everyday, in around 4 months since you join in the arena server you will be getting nice damages in raids and guild ҽvents and very soon you will be ready to solo raids like HPit and HAAT and later to solo some phases of the Sith raid. If you get an account that already has CLS and Han Solo at 7 stars and you simply put auto to solo HPit, this is not fun. The fun thing is when you start doing 2M damage in HPit raid, then when you can improve to 4M, then 8M and finally solo it, is not fun if you already have a meta arena team, a HPit team, a HAAT team, with all Sith raid teams farmed and geared, then almost you not have nothing to do.

Already I had a good account at the beginning that I sold by 250 dollars, I got bored with that account because I not had nohing more to do. Later I started again with new accounts and I enjoyed that process, farming different things than in my first account, and I created my last account just after the launch of Bastila and again I enjoyed all the process to improve that team and the new teams. The best fun thing is when you, with your own effort, get all legendary characters and you get all the best teams of this game. Is like if you buy a puzzle already finished, then you not enjoy it, but when you finish a puzzle from first to last piece you feel a good satisfaction sensation that you did it by yourself with your own effort and you frame that puzzle for everytime you see it think "I did it with my own effort", instead of "I bought it already done". The same happens with a SWGoH account, every step of the account progress is part of the fun thing of the game, every new level, every new gear, every new mod, everytime that you slice a mod, every new character, every improvement is part of the fun thing of the game, so if you start that process with a big advantage as level 50, mods, Han Solo, General Kenobi, Darth Traya, 5 guild shop characters at 7 stars and 1 cantina character at 7 stars, plus enough cantina currency to get a 7 stars cantina shop character in few days, with enough level to farm Bastila from the beginning, unlocking Yoda very soon, etc., getting 500 crystals everyday and later 400 fleet arena crystals everyday, you will be able to enjoy the process without any unbeatable obstacle during the process.

Has the SWGoH game a good future or will disappear soon?

This game is generating between 12 and 13 million dollars per month, like 150 million dollars per year, on 2018 did 152 million dollars. Is in the TOP 100 of the best revenues on mobile games. Minecraft, the most sold game in the history, did 110 million in the mobile version on 2018, less than SWGoH. EA FIFA Mobile did 158 million, almost the same. The best games are Fortnite 2.400M, League of Legends 1.400M, Pokemon GO 1.300M, Candy Crush 1.100M, Clash Royale 800M, Clash of Clans 800M, The Sims Mobile 650M, so SWGoH is not too far of these games taking into account that is a specific thematic, the Star Wars world, not a general thematic. SWGoH has a good future and has improved the sales in last months thanks to the last updates. The game will continue active as always in next 3 years at least and probably much more, because is a game with a continuous updates that keep the old players and incentivize the new players, plus Star Wars has new films, active series and a lot of content that keep the interest of the current and new players, plus the developers to continue creating new content.


If you want to know more about the hoard account strategies you can check the first reply of this topic. I divided the topic in 2 parts because on PlayerUp is not possible edit the first message, but yes the second, so in the second message I will update the current hoard accounts status table frequently, plus the strategies everytime that a new character is launched or when some character gets a rework or a touch-up.

Payment methods

The best option is PayPal (credit card), on PayPal (if you pay it as product) you have 180 days buyer protection where you can reclaim the transaction if you are not happy with it, so you will get back your money. You can check all about the PayPal buyer protection system in the following link:


Anyway, as you can see I'm a verified user that already sold around 35 accounts here, you can check my old topics marked as sold where I not received any negative comment, only positive feedback, including some positive feedbacks about transactions made via Middleman (rest were done by other payment methods, mostly by PayPal), and as you can see I have a lot of info about the hoard system that indicates this is a real opportunity through a trust person, your transaction will be safe all the time, the link process to your device is very fast, delays less than 5 minutes, it can be done in 1 or 2 minutes os iOS and Android devices, you will be playing the account immediately and you will be happy with the transaction and the fast link process.

Also is possible use the Middleman system, but this is more expensive. The PlayerUp Middleman payment system delays around 20 days to receive the money, so is a worse system for the seller, I prefer PayPal, which is instant, the most fast process, with that 180 days buyer protection system included, you will receive the account in less than 5 minutes and I will receive the money in my PayPal account instantly, so both parts will be happy with it. Futhermore, PlayerUp Middleman applies a fee in the transaction of around 15% of the amount, so if you prefer pay it by PlayerUp it will cost an extra 20% price to compensate the PlayerUp fee, the bank transfer fee, the currency fee and the wait time, so the final account by PlayerUp has a price of 176 dollars, instead of 150 dollars. If you agree with that price I not have any inconvenience to use the PlayerUp Middleman service, already my customers used it several times, as you can check in my positive feedbacks. If you prefer that way, you can do it directly pressing on the "Buy now" button that appears at the beginning of the topic.

The PlayerUp Middleman system is a good way if you want the best protection granted, consist that first the buyer sends the money to Middleman and Middleman keeps the money until the buyer confirms that received the account, the buyer must change the prefix in the 3-way conversation that will be created and confirm that received the account, on that moment Middleman starts the cashout to send the money to the seller. This system prҽvents the scams, the seller never will receive the money until you confirm you have the control of the account.

Oher methods are:

Skrill: if you have money there or if you prefer it.

Bank transfer: I have bank account on Europe, which is a SEPA transfer. You can make it with your own bank, by Internet if you prefer. After do it I will reserve the account for you and after receive the money we will do the link to your device.

TransferWise (SEPA): you can transfer there the money, specially if you have some balance there, because then is instant transfer.

MoneyGram / Western Union: Also I can accept these methods to receive the money. Once received we will do the link process.


You can check below my contact data to chat with me and talk about it, you can talk with me by Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Instagram or mail, I share all my social media so this demonstrates that I'm a trust person with a real service and a safe payment system. I'm using all chat platforms and I will answer instantly. I'm from Spain, I talk Spanish and English.

● Discord (
Quim#3389): https://discordapp.com/invite/7GUGJzD

● WhatsApp: +34 684 21 75 56

● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metodoquim

● Telegram: https://t.me/QUIMLC

● Line: QUIMLC

● Skype (QUIMLC): https://is.gd/nGKozQ

● Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/quimlc

● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quimlc

● Mail: QUIMLC@hotmail.com

► Also you can check my SWGoH forum about the hoard accounts where you can check more info about it, the link is:


This is a hidden subforum, is not visible from the main domain, only is visible from that last link.

If you have some question also you can answer this topic.

See you soon!!

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Mensaje por Quim » hace 9 meses, editado el 06 Dic 2019 04:02 (122 veces)

Current hoard accounts status

Remember you can change the time zone on game settings once you join in the arena (don't do it earlier), to make coincide the arena time and payouts at best moment for you, there is 2 time zone changes available per year.

All these hoards work on iOS and Android, if you want you can play on 2 different platforms at same time and also in 2 different mails of the same platform if you want.

In the price (150$) is included the hoard service until all raid characters are unlocked, until then you don't need do anything, I will manage the account by myself.

All 48 accounts have a similar amount of hoarded energy, raid characters shards, guild shop characters shards, credits and ability mats, the only diffence is the characters got thanks to the bronzium data card, there is 5 free bronzium data card openings per day, usually I open them 4 times per day, so I open a total of 192 bronzium data cards per day. There is like a 1,5% chance to get a full character, so usually I get around 3 characters per day. The best characters are 4* Barriss, 4* Boba, 4* Windu, 4* Poggle, 4* Ima-Gun Di, 4* Daka, 3* Fives, 3* Dooku, 3* Veers, 3* Plo Koon, 3* Talia, 2* JC, 2* Ahsoka, 2* Biggs and 2* Clone Sergeant. You can buy some account that already got some of them to get an extra advantage. If any of the current accounts available for sale have bronzium characters you can wait for it before purchase an account.

In my opinion the best characters are 4* Boba, to have a bounty hunter and scoundrel that will be needed for ships and for credit heist, 4* Barriss or 4* Ima-Gun Di, to save 80 shards and farm the jedis faster, 3* Fives, if you are interested to use a clone team, to use Fives from the beginning and save 50 shards, would be needed 2,5 days to unlock Fives buying shards on the cantina store. 2* Clone Sergeant is good for a clone team, to farm him faster and assure to have all clones and Sun Fac at 7 stars. 3* Plo Koon is a good option for ships in a clone team with Windu as capital ship, 4* Windu is nice to improve a little the capital ship and could be another option to get Yoda, saving a lot of guild currency that can be invested to farm the rest of guild shop jedis faster or to get Sun Fac shards at same time. 2* Ahsoka is a good option for a jedi team, to save 25 shards, or later for a 501st clone team, plus a good character for ships. 4* Poggle is a good option if you want use geonosians on fleet arena, with Poggle you will have 4 geonosians, all are separatist, so you can use them to unlock Padme. 2* Biggs is a good option for ships at the beginnig and later for a rebel team with Hound's Tooth and Han Millenium Falcon. 4* Daka and 3* Talia are good options for a future nightsisters team, which is a team currenly less good in the arena, but good for raids, Grand Arena and other guild ҽvents. 2* Jedi Consular is not a bad option, is a good character on ships at the beginning and a good ship for a Republic Galactic fleet team. 3* Dooku will be good later for a separatist team with Nute Gunray as leader. 3* Veers will be nice later for an Imperial Troopers team, a good nightsisters counter.

I update this list immediately when I get a new interesting character through to a bronzium data card. If you want be notified when I unlock some of them to buy it first, you can let me know by some chat app or mail and I will let you know first. Take into account that maybe other people also did the same and wanted be notified, so when you read or answer my message, if delayed several hours, maybe already is sold. My policy is "first who pay it, first who get it". I will not reserve accounts to anybody, if you want reserve one is needed buy it.

In the following list you can check how many of every thing have the accounts as average. During the sim tickets farming, during the first 45 days, I only connect 1 time per day in the account and I not play challenges until get level 25, so the energy hoarded is not too much, but will be increased to, at least, 20.000 normal energy and 6.500 cantina energy once the account is ready, which is enough to get level 50 directly. At the end the account will have 50 million credits, 3.000 sim tickets, 27 zetas, 20 omegas, 175 purple mats, 13.000 guild event currency, around 100 stun cuff and stun guns prototype salvage, between 3 and 5 fully craftted stun cuff and stun guns, around 300 carbanti prototype salvage, plus between 3 and 5 carbanti fully crafted, between 200 and 300 prototype salvage of every HPit, HAAT and HSTR gear, plus between 3 and 5 fully crafted of every gear and around 300 mod slice parts of every type. The following pic is an example of the last round of hoards. The current hoards got more omegas than usual thanks to the SWGoH anniversary. The following example was done 1 month before the account was ready, so at the end got some more gears, credits, purple mats and omegas than the showed:

Last update: 05th December 2019


Level: 25
Normal energy: 4.550
Cantina energy: 1.350
Sim tickets: 2.350
Credits: 3,5 M
Zetas: 21
Omegas: 17
Purple mats: 0 (starting soon)
Young Han Solo: 2 stars (20/25)

The current 48 hoard accounts started to play raids on 28th November 2019. My plan is unlock Young Han Solo in all accounts between 12th and 15th December 2019, so from then we will start to play Heroic raids and will be 92 days to unlock Traya and finish the accounts. From 15th to 20th March 2020 the accounts could be ready. Probably all will be sold during February 2020.


ID #01: 3* JC
ID #07: 2* Biggs + 2* JKG + 1* IG-86
ID #22: 2* Ahsoka

ID #23: 3* JC + 4* Chewie + 2* JKG
ID #27: 3* JC
ID #33: 2* Ahsoka + 1* ES
ID #38: 2* Ahsoka

JC= Jedi Consular; JKG = Jedi Knight Guardian; ES = Ewok Scout


ID #04: 2* Ahsoka + 2* Biggs + 1* IG-86 + 2* Snowtrooper
ID #26: 4* Barriss + 4* Spy
ID #31: 3* Fives + 1* Snowtrooper

This is an example of a jedi account almost finished, the last account that I sold in last round, 22 days before finish the account, so is the account that had the worst RNG, but still was good, at the end got all jedis at 6 stars and some of them at halfway to 7 stars. In the accounts with best RNG got some jedis at 7 stars from the beginning:

Hoard account strategy

► This hoard strategy is better than be a whale that spends a lot of money, because maybe the whales can buy chromium packs and extra energy refreshes, but they cannot improve levels enough fast to be at same level, gear level and to use mods, maybe they can get 1.000 extra energy per day and improve levels faster, but 3.000 exp per day is 8 days anyway to get level 50 and start to use mods, so your team always will be better than the whale teams, at least at the beginning of the game and during the first months, enough time to assure be one of the best players of the server and be always in the top during the next months and years thanks to the good ranks in the arenas that will give you a lot of crystals that you can continuosly invest to improve faster your roster.

Jedi strategy

Get level 50 directly has an extra advantage: is possible farm Bastila from the beginning, that only is farmable in the 5-B Dark Side hard battle, the stage 5 is unlocked at level 49, so most of players will not be able to use Bastila at the beginning until they get level 49, it means between 9 and 11 days to get it. At the beginning the Bastila team is one of the best teams, or maybe simply the best, and is a good investment to later switch to a Jedi Revan team. Also is a good beginning to later use a Padme team with General Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin and Ahsoka.

► Once Young Han Solo is 7 stars the best is farm at same time Old Ben, Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto, Ima-Gun Di and Barriss Offee, by this way you will have 5 jedis at 7 stars ready to get Grand Master Yoda from the beginning, so if the Yoda ҽvent is very near since you join in the arena server you will have an extra advantage, because the other players wil not have enough time to farm jedis unless they buy chromium packs. When the ҽvent is launched there is not packs to only buy jedis, so is very expensive get the 5 jedis only with the expensivest bundle.

With the hoarded cantina energy you can farm one character to 7 stars directly, because you will have around 1.000 cantina energy thanks to the level up free energy and the first levels, plus 6.750 cantina energy hoarded, this is around 8.000 energy, and every node is 8 energy, so you can simulate 1.000 battles. Usually the rate is 1/3 (33%), so you will get around 333 shards, just the needed (330) to promote a character to 7 stars directly. My recommendation is to farm Unmasked Kylo Ren (KRU) and his ship (TIE Silencer) at same time to 7 stars, will be very needed in the fleet arena to keep easily the top and also could be a good addition in your arena team with the jedis. Once finished you can farm Ezra, that will be good to get Thrawn, to get Palpatine and for ships.

Another option with the cantina energy is farm Geonosian Soldier and Genosian Spy, if you farmed Sun Fac during the hoarding you will have another good team for fleet arena and a good squad for other parts of the game, like to get Padme, as all geonosians are separatist, and later for Grand Arena, Territory Wars and dark side Territory Battles, so farm the geonosians always is a good way. I farm 28 jedi accounts and 20 clone accounts at same time, in the clone accounts I farm Rex, Echo and Clone Sergeant, avoiding Cody, which is less useful currently, because the best is use the 501st faction, farming Fives from the beginning, with Shaak Ti as leader, Cody will be useless, so instead of Cody I will farm Sun Fac, by this way also you can use geonosians, maybe with Clone Sergeant and Fives as reinforcements.

If you want use geonosians in a jedi account you can indicate me skip farm Ima-Gun Di and farm Sun Fac instead. Then with the cantina energy you can farm Ezra directly to 7 stars or you can farm Ahsoka in the cantina shop, only is needed 17 days to finish her to 7 stars, so if the Yoda ҽvent is launched in more than 10 days after you join in the arena server you will have enough time to get 7 stars Yoda anyway. Usually I prefer farm the 5 guild shop jedis for if the Yoda ҽvent is very near to the launch of the new arena server, by this way you don't need farm Ezra and you can farm KRU or geonosians directly. If you want use geonosians always you can basically farm Sun Fac in guild shop from the beginning, that also appears in the fleet shipments, sometimes 2 or 3 purchases at same time, so is easy to get while you farm his ship.

After sim all this cantina energy you will have 13.000 cantina shop currency, because every 8 energy cantina node give 13 cantina shop currency. Here the best is farm Ahsoka Tano. Every 400 tokens you get 5 shards, so you can get 162 shards, but only there is 4 cantina shop refreshes per day, you only can get 20 shards per day at the beginning, so you need 8 days to use all these cantina tokens, at that moment you will have much more energy, because the best is buy 3 cantina refreshes per day (360 energy per day), and you will get 360 free energy in 8 days, plus the 960 daily energy, so you will have spent another 4.200 cantina energy, that will be 6.825 tokens to get another 85 shards, during 14 days you will be getting 20 Ahsoka shards per day, with only 12 days will be 6 stars and with 17 days will be 7 stars, so with a little more than 2 weeks you will have Ahsoka and Ezra at 7 stars. Once finished you can farm Chopper, that also will be needed to get Thrawn and is good for ships (Phantom II) with Ezra and Sabine, it will be nice for ships if you meawhile farm Sabine in the 1-A Dark Side hard battle. Next could be Boba, that will be an important character for all parts of the game, and then Cassian ship, that will be needed to get or improve the Chimaera capital ship.

►In arena shop you can farm Kanan at the beginning, to be ready for Thrawn and for fleet arena. Once finished you can farm bounty hunters, IG-88 and Greedo, that will be needed to get OT Chewie. I would recommend that order, because IG-88 has a ship that will be needed to get the Han's Millennium Falcon, where is needed 4 Bounty Hunter ships, where the most normal thing is Hound's Tooth (Bossk), Boba, Cad Bane and Lando's Millennium Falcon (or IG-88). Once finished you can at least unlock Cassian for his ship and then farm HK-47 for Darth Revan and Tarkin for R2-D2. Also you can farm Asajj for Padme.

► From first day in the arena you will be able to use 7* Old Ben as leader, with 5* General Kenobi, 7* Aayla, 7* Barriss and 5* Traya. From first day you can start to farm Bastila in the 5-B Dark Side hard battle, buying 2 refreshes everyday by 25 and 50 crystals, by this way you will be able to play 15 hard battles per day, that with a 33% rate is 5 Bastila shards per day. She unlocks at 25 shards, so you will unlock her with only 5 days, could be faster if you buy shards by crystals, but I would recommend use all crystals to buy normal and cantina energy refreshes.

Once unlocked Bastila you can replace Aayla by Bastila. Traya is a good character in a Bastila team at the beginning, you can isolate the enemy tank, like GK, and make much more easy the battle, or isolate Yoda to prҽvent he spreads buff, or Barriss to prҽvent the healing.

After get Yoda you can replace Barriss, to have both Obi-Wan in the same team will be very hard for the rest of players, the Barriss healing is less needed at the beginning, so is better keep Traya and replace Barriss.

► You can farm Jolee from the beginning, that will be better than Old Ben once you can put the zeta, meanwhile is better Old Ben. Only is farmable in the 6-D Dark Side hard battle and 4-E hard fleet battle, so you can farm him basically to get Jedi Revan and later use him in a Jedi Revan team. From the beginning will be needed farm all Old Republic characters, plus HK-47, to get Jedi Knight Revan and Darth Revan.

► On Galactic War shop I recommend first of all farm Zeb to 7 stars and then Cad Bane for his ship. You can farm Biggs and Wedge blueprints, that will be neded to unlock the Chimaera (Thrawn), the best capital ship at the beginnig, so the best is always to save 1.200 GW crystals for them, when you have 1.600 you can get Zeb or Cad Bane shards. The best ships are not available on that store, the best are the Phoenix ships (Ghost & Phantom II), the Hound's Tooth, the Scimitar, Boba and Vader, only available in fleet store, guild ҽvents shop and/or hard nodes. After finish them I would recommend farm Biggs and then only farm ships. Also will be needed at least unlock K-2SO for Cassian ship. Also you can farm Poggle at the beginning to unlock Padme if you not have better options.

Clones strategy

Another good option is use clones, farming Rex, Echo and Clone Sergeant in the guild shop, then Fives in the cantina shop and from the beginning buy Shaak Ti shards to use as leader. While you get Shaak Ti you can use General Kenobi as leader, and while you get Fives you can use Traya or Han Solo, after get Fives you can replace Traya or Han Solo. After get Shaak Ti you can replace General Kenobi. In the current 48 hoards I'm building 28 jedis and 20 clones accounts.

The clones are almost as good as the jedis on the squad arena and currently are a meta thanks to General Skywalker and the new affiliation 501st, which is applied to Rex, Echo, Fives, ARC Trooper and Ahsoka Tano. Using General Skywalker as leader with the 501st allies is very easy defeat the current meta team, the Darth Revan teams, and also is a very good team on defense against them.

► Another advantage about clones is that are very good for fleet arena. Fives, Rex, Clone Sergeant and Ahsoka are good ships on fleet arena, all of them are Galactic Republic, you can use them with Jedi Consular, Anakin and Plo Koon. You can farm Plo Koon to 7 stars from the beginning in the 4-G cantina battle and farm the ship on the fleet store. You can get Fives, Jedi Consultar, Clone Sergeant and Ahsoka blueprints in the Galatic War store and basically use the fleet tokens to buy Plo Koon and Rex blueprints. Anakin blueprints are farmable from the beginning in the hard fleet battles. Is easy to get all the Galactic Republic ships from the beginning, so you can use Mace Windu as capital ship and you will be easily rank 1 in the fleet arena. Once finished Plo Koon you can farm Unmasked Kylo Ren, that also is a good ship at the beginning with the Galactic Republic ships. Also you can first of all get 7 stars Unmasked Kylo Ren and then start Plo Koon, as you need farm the Plo Koon ship before be able to use that ship you can farm later the character. Also you will be able to buy Plo Koon shards in the fleet store to farm him faster. The TIE Silencer is a good ship with the Galactic Republic fleet because everytime that attacks a target locked ship gains +8% offense stacking until the end of the encounter. Fives, Clone Sergeant, Rex and Anakin ship have target lock abilities, plus the Endurance capital ship applies target lock with basic, so is a good synergy.

► From the beginning you can farm ARC Trooper in the 5-G cantina node, but it would harm the farming of KRU, Plo Koon or the geonosians (GS & Spy), so probably the best strategy is get ARC Trooper once you finished to farm all the characters needed for ships, meanwhile you can use Clone Sergeant, that is a good attacker and needed for ships.

Fleet arena strategy

► Being rank 1 everyday you will have enough crystals to start to buy Bossk shards, that has the best ship, the Hound's Tooth, a tank ship that stacks protection up with every received hit, dispels all his own debuff with the basic while recover HP and protection and gets turn meter when the enemy attack other ships, so is a very powerful ship, very hard to kill, specially at the beginning of the game and during several months, is the best ship in this moment. Hound's Tooth only is farmable from level 82 in the 8-D Light Side hard battle and Bossk only is farmable from level 85 in the 9-B Dark Side hard battle, so the only way to get Bossk and Hound's Tooth earlier is farm them by crystals, something that will not be a problem for you thanks to be rank 1 everyday without arena refreshes. Most of other players in your fleet arena server will not do that and they will wait level 85 to start to use that ship, so will be very easy for you get rank 1 everyday, probably you will get rank 1 everyday with only 1 battle per day, or maybe you will stay at rank 1 all the day. Most of players who get level 60 and unlock ships are not good players being in the top of their squad arena, are players in other servers that currently are rank 500, 1.000, 2.000 or 5.000, so are not getting a lot of crystals and they will not be able to buy Bossk and Hound's Tooth shards, so you will have a very big advantage in the fleet arena, if you get Hound's Tooth you will assure be always in the top. Using this ship with others like TIE Silencer, Ghost, Phantom II, Scimitar, Boba, Vader, will be enough to keep the top. Hound's Tooth appears by crystals in shipments from level 65.

► A hoard account has automatically an extra easier difficulty on fleet arena. A new fleet arena server is created every 2-3 days, only is 1.000 players per server, so when you get level 60 the best normal players in your server, including the whales, will not be able to get level 60 enough fast to play in the same fleet arena server than you, so you will be alone in a fleet arena with the worst players of the previous arena server, because, in the previous 20.000 players, the best players started just when the new server was created or few days after, they had around 20 days to play it before you joined in a new arena server, a normal player, without hoarded energy, needs around 25 days to get level 60. You need get 27.000 energy to unlock ships, if you do 2.000 exp per day it means 12 or 13 days to unlock ships, so you will unlock ships 32 or 33 days after the best players of the previous server joined in the arena, as a new fleet arena is created every 2 or 3 days, most of good players will join in the day 25-28 and 28-31, joining at day 32 or 33 you will skip all of them and you only will play against the worst players of the previous server, players who currently are rank 50-200, plus very bad players of oldest servers. Also is granted that you will skip all hoarders of the previous squad arena server.

It means that you will dominate both arenas at the beginning of the game, at least during the first 3 or 4 months, from level 28 to 85, you will get all things faster than rest of players in your arena servers, so you will be in the top always, getting 900 crystals everyday. It makes not needed buy crystals, is not needed pay to win, is not needed be a whale, you will be better than all your whales in your server, at least during the first 5 or 6 months you will be one of the best players, when everyone get the same meta then is easier get the top, but meanwhile you will dominate the arenas, so you will improve the account very fast, you will be able to play in a better guild than rest of players and get Hermit Yoda and Wampa faster thanks to get better rewards in Territory Battles and Territory Wars, you will have a better roster for Grand Arena, so your account will be very fun thanks to that hoard system, you will be the best or one of the best players of your server and very soon one of the best players of this game.

Shards by crystals: Jedi Training Rey & Nihilus

When is unlocked the weekly shop at level 15 you can buy Old Ben shards by crystals, it can make faster to get him to 7 stars and then you can start to farm a different character. Is possible to buy 40 Old Ben shards by 50 crystals each, so 2.000 crystals every 40 shards. To buy Old Ben shards will not make it faster to get a 7 stars character than buying only Young Han Solo shards. Also is possible buy Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Dooku, Sidious, Grievous, Wedge, Lando, Biggs, Stormtrooper Han, Leia, Luke, Qui-Gon Jinn, Rey, Kylo Ren, Finn, Poe, Veteran Han, Veteran Chewie, CW Chewie and Fulcrum Ahsoka, but these characters are not very interesting, are not part of the current meta.

Only are interesting if you want to get Jedi Training Rey from the beginning, buying Veteran Han and Veteran Chewie shards, plus Finn, getting Scavenger Rey from guild shop, getting also Kylo Ren from guild shop, because will be needed to unlock BB-8, which is needed to get JTR, so you can use a First Order team at the beginning, which is enough good to keep the top, they can defeat everyone, including Bastila teams. In this case would be needed farm TIE/FE FO Pilot in guild shop, which has his own spot, and then Unmasked Kylo Ren with the cantina energy, you will get his ship at same time, so will be nice for fleet arena, and then with rest of energy you can start to farm Executioner. With the cantina you will get very fast First Order Officer, so with him, Kylo Ren, Unmasked Kylo Ren, TIE/FE FO Pilot and Executioner you will be able to get BB-8. Also you can farm Phasma with the Galactic War currency. To farm Executioner enough fast will be needed buy 3 cantina refreshes everyday. From the beginning you can farm First Order Stormtrooper for a better First Order arena team.

If you like the JTR farming strategy for a better team will be needed R2-D2, so will be good to have the rebels ready to get Palpatine, and then with Palpatine, Darth Vader, Tarkin, Starck and Snowtrooper you will be able to get him at least at 5 stars, so to get Palpatine you can farm Farmboy Luke and Jyn Erso from guild shop, that with Old Ben, Ezra and Kanan/Zeb/Hera will be enough to get Palpatine.

Another easier way is to farm Resistance Trooper, that works very well with JTR, because gain a lot of turn meter, everytime than a resistance ally scores a critical hit there is 70% chance to expose the enemy, and then Resistance Trooper gains 50% turn meter (55% at level 72), so is a good option instead of R2-D2 or instead of Scavenger Rey. Is farmable by the guild shop and the 3-A Light Side hard node.

With Jedi Training Rey, Scavenger Rey/Resistance Trooper, BB-8, General Kenobi and R2-D2 you will have another good team for arena and for raids. Is a more harder and expensive way, but if you like to spend money in the game is a very good and fun way.

Another interesting character is Darth Nihilus, needed if you want build a Darth Traya team, his price is 80 crystals per shard, so 40 shards per week is 3.200 crystals.

Currently the crystals cost around 1 dollar every 125 crystals, so is an expensive way promote Darth Nihilus to 7 stars, would be 26.400 crystals, so around 175 dollars, but you can simply unlock him from the beginning, before join in the arena server, that only is 50 shards, so only is around 30 dollars, buying the 2.800 crystals pack plus the 1.340 crystals pack would be enough.

Once you join in the arena you will be able to farm Sion by crystals, by this way complete the Triumvirate Sith. Also would be recommended get Fallen Bastila by crystals. The last character could be another Sith, like Darth Vader, that you will get from the beginning and is nice to put debuff to all team, or get Sith Trooper by crystals also.

Customer examples

In the following screenshots you can check the current status of my own costumers that bought a hoard account and joined in the arena between 60 and 75 days before do the screenshots, by this way you can make an idea about the power of it and which team can you use in a near future. I did all the screenshots at same time, so maybe it not coincided with the best rank of the day, all of them can easily get rank 1 on their payout, in squad arena and fleet arena:

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