Hoard accounts lvl 25 with 7 stars Kenobi, Traya & Solo | The best start with Hyperdrive Bundle

Hoard accounts for sale.

Hoard accounts lvl 25 with 7 stars Kenobi, Traya & Solo | The best start with Hyperdrive Bundle

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What is a Hoard account?

A "Hoard account" is a Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes account that has been saving (hoarding) resources (Energy, Gears, Crystals, Guild Store currency, Guild Evҽnts Store currency, Zetas, Omegas, Purple mats, Mod slice parts, Credits, etc.) during months and playing heroic T7 raids to unlock Han Solo, General Kenobi and Darth Traya, something that give an extra advantage against other players. Combined with the Hyperdrive Bundle it allows to assure always a good rank in the arena, you can easily be rank 1 in both arenas (Squad Arena and Fleet Arena) and get 900 full daily crystals. With these crystals you will be able to improve your roster faster than rest of players and assure continue being always in the top of the arenas.

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Hyperdrive Bundle

To get enough advantage at the beginnig is needed buy the in-game Hyperdrive Bundle (from now "HB") (cost 100 dollars in USA), which combined with a Hoard account is the perfect start. The bundle will give you level 85 direclty with a collection of 5 stars characters and 5 stars ships. Includes Phoenix, Rebels, Jedis, Resistance, Imperial Troopers, First Order, Bounty Hunters, Sith, Nightsisters, Clones and Empire characters, plus Rebel, Republic Galactic, Bounty Hunters, First Order and Empire ships. You can check the complete list in the pic above. If you press in the pic it will be resized to full size. If you only buy the hoard, without this pack, you will be less competitive against the guys who bought it.

Hoard accounts types

I offer 3 types of Hoard accounts with different amount of resources and different prices:

Excel spreadsheets


In the link above you can check the current Hoard accounts status. Is an Excel file with 6 spreadsheets. The file is hosted on OneDrive and every time that I modify it is automatically updated on OneDrive. I recommend download the Excel file to check it better in your device with the Excel app, or in your PC with your Excel program.

2-Rounds: Hoard accounts which played a Second Round to get all raid characters to 7 stars and 2 times more resources than a 1-Round account. You can check the shards of every raid character (Traya, Kenobi & Solo) and Guild Store character (Dengar, Sun Fac & Barriss), plus columns (Raids & Guild) where the shards are added up, with a compilation of all shards (R+G) and the rank ("Best" column) of every account taking into account the total shards. Also you can check in every account the Normal energy, Cantina energy, Crystals, Guild Store currency, Guild Evҽnts Store currency, Normal Credits, Ship Credits, Zetas, Omegas and Purple mats. Finally the Extra Guild Store characters, a feature explained later.

1-Round: Hoard accounts which only played One Round, unlocking the raid characters at 5 stars, plus around 35 extra shards on General Kenobi and Traya. Are not playing raids, are alone in a created guild, only hoarding energy and checking the Guild Store.

Gears 1-R: Compilation of all gears got as average in the 1-Round Hoard accounts.

Gears 2-R: Compilation of all gears got as average in the 2-Rounds Hoard accounts.

Raids: Here I indicate when I played the last raids.

1 Round 2020 Hoard accounts


These accounts have a static price of 56 USD.

In the next reply is detally explained how is calculated the price.


Cantina Energy / Normal Energy / Crystals

Normal Credits ("M" capital letter = millions)

Fleet Credits

Guild Evҽnts Store currency ("m" lower case = thousands)

Guild Store currency

Zetas / Omegas

Purple mats

Sim Tickets


2 Rounds Hoard accounts


I have 2 types of 2-Rounds Hoard accounts:

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VIP 2-Rounds 2019: The VIP 2-Rounds 2019 Hoards have, in comparison with the 2-Rounds 2020 Hoards, +8.000 Normal Energy, +2.500 Cantina Energy, +1.750 Sim Tickets, +600 Crystals, +21 Zetas, +15 Omegas and +50 Purple mats. They got some extra gears with the SWGoH 2019 anniversary, like a crafted Carbanti Mk3, a crafted Stun Cuffs Mk3, Gear 12 parts, Relics mats, enough Mod Slice parts to slice one gold 5 dot mod to 6 dot mod, plus 10 Darth Malak shards, 10 General Anakin Skywalker shards, 5 Shaak Ti shards, 5 ARC Trooper shards and 10 Negotiator blueprints. Because of all these extra resources, these accounts have an extra price of 20 USD.

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2-Rounds 2020: These accounts have less resources than the previous accounts, so are 20 USD cheaper.

▪ The 2020 Hoard accounts have a price of 112 USD

▪ The 2019 VIP Hoard accounts have a price of 132 USD.

I apply an extra strategy in half of the accounts, farming the interesting Guild Store characters not included in the HB. You can check which accounts are applying this strategy sliding the navigation bar to the right in the "2-Rounds 2019" and "2-Rounds 2020" spreadsheets. The shards of all these characters are added up in the "G2" column. In the "R+G+G2"collumn are added up the shards of the Raid characters (Traya, Kenobi & Solo), the basic Guild Store characters (Dengar, Sun Fac & Barriss) and these extra Guild Store characters. Then, the "Best" column indicates which are the accounts with more shards as total of all characters. This is useful for if you are interested in this strategy, to know which are the best accounts, because the previous "Best" column not takes into account the extra Guild Store characters, only the basics. If in the reserved accounts some characters are empty and marked in red it means that the owners indicated me not farm these characters.

The most interesting Guild Store characters (not included in the HB) are:

Papplo, Logray and Ewok Elder, to get C-3PO from the beginning if you farm Chirpa and Teebo in Cantina and the Galactic War Store. It will improve your Padmé team and have more options for different Republic Galactic, Rebel and Jedi teams.

Aayla Secura and Kit Fisto, to promote Yoda to 7 stars from first day. You also will have General Kenobi and Barriss at 7 stars. The last Jedi could be Ahsoka, if you farm her in the Cantina Store, only will delay 4,5 days get her to 7 stars if you not buy store refreshes, or 3 days if you buy 2 store refreshes every day. Also the last Jedi could be Anakin, if you invest part of the Hoarded Cantina Energy to promote him from 5 to 7 stars. Is needed 180 shards to get him to 7 stars, with 5.000 Cantina Energy Hoarded you can get around 200 shards, so should be enough. If you farm Anakin, then you can promote Yoda to 7 stars from the beginning. Aayla and Kit Fisto are useful in Grand Arena, are very good in a Bastila team, so you can make a team with Jedi Knight Revan, Yoda and Jolee, another team with General Kenobi, Barriss, Ahsoka and Anakin and another team with Bastila, Ezra, Aayla, Kit Fisto and Old Ben, these 3 teams will be very good for Grand Arena on offense, will grant full banners, plus some extra banners, thanks to not be needed use full teams. Getting gear 7 or 8 on these characters will be enough to get 7 stars Grand Master Yoda from first day.

B2 and IG-100, to get Padmé from first day, where is needed 5 Separatist. In the HB only is included Asajj Ventress and Count Dooku, so you need another 3 characters. The 2-Rounds Hoard also will include 7 stars Sun Fac, so from first day you will have 5 Separatist at minimum 5 stars, instead of only 2 of the HB, and get Padmé from first day. Maybe to improve Padmé to 6 and 7 stars will be needed get Nute Gunray or improve the gears to gear 9 or 10, but at least from first day you can get her to 5 stars, so you can start using a team with 5 stars Padmé, 7 stars General Kenobi, 7 stars Yoda, 7 stars Anakin and 5 stars Ahsoka, who will be 7 stars with only 6 or 9 days.

Starck will be the last to be farmed, to assure always have enough currency for rest of characters, but is another interesting option to get faster R2-D2, who is needed for CLS. In the HB is included the following Empire characters: Vader, TIE Fighter, Tarkin, Veers, Death Trooper, Shoretrooper, Snowtrooper and Stormtrooper, also you can get Palpatine from first day with 5 Rebels. The best is use Palpatine, Vader, TIE Fighter, Tarkin and Starck for this evҽnt, are the most easy options. Starck always appears in the same slot of the Guild Store, so is the easiest to farm.

(Last Update: 17th November 2020)

Cantina Energy / Normal Energy / Crystals

Normal Credits ("M" capital letter = millions)

Fleet Credits

Guild Evҽnts Store currency ("m" lower case = thousands)

Guild Store currency

Zetas / Omegas

Purple mats

Sim Tickets


Why is better the Hyperdrive Bundle with a Hoard account?

In every new server a lot of players will buy the Hyperdrive Bundle, so if you simply buy the bundle, without buy a Hoard account, will be the same than before this bundle existed, you will be at same power than rest of players, without any advantage. A Hoard account give you a big amount of advantages that will make the difference against the players who simply bought the HB, and will make the game much more funnier:

In these strategies already are applied the x2 shards drops that will be applied at 22th November in the SWGoH 2020 anniversary changes:


Zetas & Omegas: Thanks to the SWGoH 2019 anniversary and the SWGoH 2020 anniversary the hoards got 40 zetas and 26 omegas, so they will start the server with 53 zetas and 31 omegas, which added up with the 10 zetas and 30 omegas of the HB, plus the 6 omegas from the achievements and the 2 zetas you can buy with the 5.000 Fleet Store currency from the HB, will be 65 zetas and 67 omegas, so enough to put 3 zetas and some omegas. With only 1 week you will be able to apply the fourth zeta.

This will be a good advantage, because the rest of players, who simply bought the HB, will need 1 week to get the rest of 8 zetas for the first zeta, if they spend all Fleet Store currency to buy zetas. With the Ship Ability Materials challenge is 6 zetas per week, they will get enough Fleet Store currency with Fleet Arena rewards to buy another 2 zetas during the week, so they need wait around 7 days to start to use the first zeta, when with a Hoard account you will be able to apply directly 3 zetas at first day.

The best initial teams are much more better with zetas, like a Bastila team, you can put zeta to the Bastila leader ability, the other one to the Yoda unique ability and when you unlock Jolee you will have the third zeta ready for him. If you apply my strategy about get Jedi Knight Revan with only 10 days, you can apply a first zeta to the Bastila leader ability, to have a good team while you get JKR, the second zeta to Jolee and save the third for JKR, when you unlock JKR you will have ready 2 zetas for him and maybe all 3 zetas.

General Kenobi: Is a very good tank very hard to defeat and essential in a Bastila, Padmé and Jedi Revan team. Is a tank who taunts automatically every time that an ally receive a critical hit, granting them critical hit immunity, dispels all debuff and convert them to buff, or put retribution if not have any debuff, call all allies with buff to assist, gets foresight at the end of every turn and give foresight to random allies with basic, so is a very powerful character that will make a big difference against people who not have him.

A 1-Round Hoard account starts with 5 stars General Kenobi from the beginning, plus some more shards, because Traya is unlocked 17 days later, so will have like 35 extra shards.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard will be 7 stars from the beginning.

Darth Traya: Is a very good team with Nihilus and Sion, specially if you put the 2 zetas, because the zeta on the Traya leader ability makes that when an enemy uses an ability outside of their turn, they take damage equal to 35% of their max health and when an enemy gains a buff outside of their turn, they lose 50% offense until the end of their next turn, so is a good counter against Jedi teams, because they gain a lot of buff thanks to Yoda, plus some extra turns, like when Bastila, Ezra, General Kenobi or Jolee call characters, or when they counter thanks to the Bastila unique ability or General Kenobi retribution, making them lose health and offense. The zeta in the Traya unique makes that at the start of each Sith ally's turn, Traya dispels all debuffs on them, so the debuff are not important against the Traya teams, because Traya will dispel all automatically, so if you use Old Ben to put offense down and ability block, maybe you can reduce some turn meter, but the offense down and the ability block will be automatically dispelled at the beginning of their turns.

Traya is a very powerful character, the isolate will make useless some of your enemies, like Yoda, that will not be able to get and spread buff, General Kenobi, that will not be able to taunt and dispel debuff, Barriss, that will not be able to heal, etc. The Traya team is a good counter against Geonosians with Brood Alpha as leader, because they lose 35% max health in every assist, they are continuosly assisting, so they lose all the HP and protection very fast automatically and is very easy kill them with 1 hit. The Traya team is one of the best at the beginning of the game if you put both zetas, will help you a lot to get victories in the Grand Arena Championship.

A 1-Round Hoard account includes 5 stars Darth Traya, plus around 35 extra shards.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard, Traya will be 7 stars.

Gears & Relics: The HB contains a lot of different gears, but not a lot of the most important gears. For example, only contains 100 Carbanti, when only to gear General Kenobi to Gear 12 is needed 300 Carbanti, if you want gear from gear 9 to Gear 12 all your team probably you need around 800 Carbanti, so you will check that you will not be able to gear your characters, will be needed find some guild playing heroic raids and start to get these gears, plus start to buy them in the Guild Store, probably is needed between 1 and 2 months to get enough gears to make Gear 12 your team and some more months to make Gear 13 your main arena team.

A Hoard account not has this problem and this is the main advantage, because you get around 300 pieces of every gear and between 3 and 5 fully crafted of every gear
, you can check an example in the "Hoard accounts types" section, at the beginning of this thread. Also you will have around 18k Normal Enegy Hoarded that you can invest to farm your preferred gears, like if you invest all this energy to get Stun Guns you can get 50 pieces per every 2.500 energy as average, so with 18.000 energy you can get an additional 350 Stun Guns.

Futhermore, you will have a lot of Guild Store currency hoarded, because I only farm Dengar, Sun Fac and Barriss, nothing more, rest of Guild Store currency (between 150.000 and 200.000 guild store currency in 2-Round Hoards or 75.000 in 1-Round Hoards), can be used to buy Carbanti, Stun Cuff and other gears that will be very needed to gear your main team.

From first day you will have all the needed to make Gear 12 all your 5 main characters and very soon Gear 13 and start to put Relics. The Relics are modifiers that increase a lot the power of every character, only can be applied from Gear 13, so while the other players will need 2 months to gear their characters, you will be using Relics from the beginning.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard you will have between 2 and 4 times more gears, so will be very easy make Gear 12 your Squad Arena team and also some Fleet Arena characters, plus some other good characters for Grand Arena. Also you will be able to make Gear 13 some characters and put Relics from first day.

6 Dot Mods: Another good thing about play Heroic Sith raids and hoard resources is that you get a lot of Mod Slice Parts, around 350 of every type, which are needed to slice 5 dot Gold mods to 6 Dot Mods, increasing a lot the primary stats and increasing a little the secondary stats. In the Hyperdrive Bundle is not included Mod Slice Parts, so you will not be able to improve your best mods until you start to get rewards from Grand Arena, as at the beginnig is better use the Cantina energy to farm characters, than to farm Mod Slice Parts. With the Mod Slice Parts you can increase the secondary stats of your Grey, Blue and Purple mods to Gold, and once are Gold you can increase them to 6 Dot Mods.

Futhermore, with the hoarded Guild Store currency you will be able to buy the Mod Slice Parts (Mk 2 Pulse Modulator) to increase the mods from Gold to 6 Dot. Will not be easy for normal players who simply bought the HB buy gears and Mod Slice Parts at same time in the Guild Store, because will be more important gear the characters than slice mods, so most of players will keep using 5 dot mods during several months, when you can use 6 Dot Mods from first day, so your mods will have as primary stats 16% Health instead of 5,88%, 42% Critical Damage instead of 36%, 20% Critical Chance instead of 12%, 35% Tenacity instead of 24%, 32 Speed instead of 30, 8,5% Offense instead of 5,88%, 30% Potency instead of 25%, and the secondary stats also will be increased.

You will have 350 Mod Slice Parts of every type in a 1-Round Hoard.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard you will have 700 Mod Slice Parts

7 stars Grand Master Yoda: With the Hoarded Cantina Energy will be very easy for you promote Yoda from 5 to 7 stars in few days. After buy the HB you can get 5 stars Yoda from the beginning, but you will not be able to get 6 and 7 stars until you finish to farm the Jedis. You will get directly 5 stars on Ezra, Old Ben, Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn, plus 5 stars Bastila, Kanan and Windu. I will have been farming Barriss on the guild store, so probably will be 6 stars or near to it.

If you want use a Jedi team at the beginning, with Bastila or GK as leader, the best is get 7 stars Yoda as fast as possible to improve his stats, he is who deals the best damages on that team, plus if you want put Relics to Yoda is needed get 7 stars first of all, so while the other players only have 3.000 or 4.000 special offense on their Yoda, you will have a Yoda with 8.000, 9.000 or 10.000 special offense, and the same will happen with rest of your main characters thanks to get Gear 13 faster than rest of players and be able to put Relics. If you can get a Grand Master Yoda at 7 stars, with Gear 13, Relics and 6 Dot Mods from the beginning, will be unbeatable by rest of players. This is only possible with a HB combined with a Hoard account, is not possible only with a HB without a Hoard account or only with a Hoard account without the HB.

To get 7 stars Yoda the best is finish Ezra, Old Ben and Barriss with the Hoarded Cantina Energy and you will get a lot of Cantina Store currency to spend in the Cantina Store and finish Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn, buying 40 shards per day. Also you can buy 2 Cantina Store refreshes per day to finish faster them, because buying 40 shards per day would be 4,5 days to buy the 180 shards needed to promote them to 7 stars, but if you buy 2 Cantina Store refreshes per day will be only 3 days. You will have around 6.000 Hoarded Cantina Energy, the HB contains 500 Cantina energy and you can buy another 360 Cantina energy with 3 Cantina refreshes, so it will be a total of around 7.000 Cantina energy. You need 180 shards to finish Ezra and Old Ben, who are 8 energy Cantina Battle, and around 100 shards to finish Barriss, who is 12 energy Cantina Battle. Probably meanwhile you will be able to buy around 40 Ezra shards in the Fleet store and Guild Evҽnts Store, plus 20 Old Ben and Barriss shards in the Guild Store. Barriss also has 2 Hard Battles where you can spend your Hoarded Normal Energy, getting 20 extra shards per day if is needed. Usually the rate is 1/3, so to get the 140 Ezra shards would be 1.680 energy, to get the 160 Old Ben shards would be 1.920 energy, a total of 3.600 energy, so with the rest of energy you will be able to finish Barriss, or only get her to 50/100 or 60/100, as with the 20 or 30 shards that you will get with the Guild Store in the following 3 or 4 days, while you farm Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn, plus the 20 shards per day with the Hard Battles, will be enough to make Barriss 7 stars, by this way you save some hoarded Cantina energy to farm other characters.

With Ezra, Old Ben, Barriss, Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn, with only 6 days you will be able to promote Yoda to 7 stars and get Gear 12, put 6 Dot Mods, then get Gear 13 and put Relics.

Another option is farm Anakin instead of Old Ben, specially if you want use Anakin in your main Squad Arena team and/or in your Fleet Arena team, who is a 16 energy node. Also has a Light Side Hard Battle (5-C) where is possible get 18 shards in 3 days or 24 shards in 4 days. To get 160 shards by the Cantina would be needed spend 3.840 Cantina energy, which added up with the 1.680 Cantina energy to farm Ezra (140 shards) and the 2.700 Cantina energy to farm Barriss (150 shards), would be a total of 8.220 Cantina energy. In the 2-Round accounts will be enough Cantina energy hoarded to get these amounts of shards at first day, but in the 1-Round accounts will be needed buy 3 Cantina refreshes per day to get 960 extra energy in 3 days, which added up with the 495 free energy during these 3 days will be enough to get all these shards.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard account will not be needed farm Qui-Gon Jinn and you can simply farm Anakin, Ezra and Old Ben, plus last Barriss shards. As you will have General Kenobi at 7 stars, who is Jedi, with Barriss at 6 stars or near to it, you can farm Ezra and Old Ben with the Cantina energy and with only 3 days also you will unlock Yoda. Then, instead of Qui-Gon Jinn, you can spend the Cantina Store currency to also farm Bistan, Boba and Chopper at same time, plus the Cassian ship if you are interested.

7 stars Ahsoka Tano: For the same reason than Yoda, Ahsoka is a very powerful option. A good option as initial team is use Bastila, General Kenobi, Anakin, Ahsoka and Yoda. Bastila, GK and Anakin will be 5 stars at the begining, so, if you buy a 1-Round Hoard, will not be possible get Gear 12 on them until you finish to farm them, neither use 6 Dot Mods and put Relics, but thanks to the Hoard account you can get very fast 7 stars on Yoda and Ahsoka, with only 3 days, so Ahsoka will be your second best attacker after Yoda.

She will do a lot of damage with her special "Protective Maneuver", because this attack deals damage a second time if Anakin or General Kenobi are an ally, and if both are allies deals damage a third time. Thanks to the Hoard account you will have 5★ General Kenobi from the beginning, thanks to the HB you will have 5★ Anakin from the beginning, so the Ahsoka special will do between 60k and 80k damage, killing directly some character, or near to 100k if is maxed with good 6 Dot Mods. Ahsoka has +50 speed thanks to the unique ability, so is as fast than Yoda (175 vs 177 base speed), thanks to the Bastila leader ability all Jedi have +15% turn meter at the beginning of the battle, so if you can get something like +80 speed with mods on Ahsoka will be enough to kill some character before the enemies can use their first turn, probably Yoda will kill some character and Ahsoka another one, if you put "Auto" the battles will be finished in few seconds.

Futhermore, Ahsoka will be one of the best ships at the beginning thanks to be almost maxed at Gear 13, with Relics and 6 Dot Mods, will do a lot of damage with the special and basic, is a very fast ship, so also probably will kill some ship before the enemy can do something, the Fleet arena will be easier thanks to her. A good initial team for Fleet Arena is Hound's Tooth (Bossk), Anakin and Ahsoka, is one of the best initial teams until you get the Han's Millennium Falcon.

Once you finish to farm Ezra, Old Ben and Barriss you can start to farm Anakin to finish him, which is a 16 energy Cantina Battle, so is less recommended farm this node instead of Ezra, because Ezra is a 8 energy Cantina Battle, so to have enough energy to farm all at same time and promote Yoda to 7 stars as fast as possible is better choose Ezra, who also appears in Fleet store and Guild Evҽnts store, so these 2 stores will make faster finish Ezra. Once you have Anakin at 7 stars you will have your 3 best attackers ready to improve to Gear 13, put Relics and 6 Dot Mods, your team will be unbeatable.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard also you can farm Ahsoka with the Cantina Store currency at same time than Boba and Bistan. As will not be needed farm Jedis in Cantina to promote Yoda to 7 stars, you can first of all finish Anakin to 7 stars, by this way you will have General Kenobi and Anakin at 7 stars directly at first day, with Ahsoka at 5 stars (will be 7 stars with only 9 days if you not buy Cantina Store refreshes), with 7 stars Yoda and 5 stars Bastila or 7 stars Barriss.

Padmé: The HB only includes Dooku and Asajj Ventress as Separatist, so is not possible unlock Padmé from the beginning without a Hoard account. To get Padmé will be needed farm other Separatist, like Geonosians (Brood Alpha, GS, Spy, Sun Fac & Poggle) or Droids (Grievous, B1, B2, IG-100 & Droideka).

If you are interested to use a Padmé team, you can start using a Geonosian team, getting Geonosian Brood Alpha from the beginning thanks to the Hoarded Cantina Energy, around 7.000 cantina energy that will allow you unlock directly Brood Alpha and Geonosian Spy, plus improve a little Geonosian Soldier, and you will be able to put the 2 Zetas to Brood Alpha if you want or put only 1 and save 2 for Padmé. You wil have 6 stars Sun Fac from the beginning, because I farm him in all accounts, and you will be able to unlock Poggle very fast thanks to the Galatic War Store, in 4 days you can unlock him or less if you buy refreshes. The Geonosian team will be very powerful at the beginning and will be a good investment for ships.

Also you can invest the Hoarded Guild Store currency to farm Ewoks and get C-3PO, who will be a good addition to your Padmé team, with Anakin and Ahsoka. If you are interested to use a Padmé team you can get it very fast thanks to a Hoard account, rest of players will not be able to use Padmé until they farm and gear the Separatist, so around 2 months for them to start to use a Padmé team, when you can start to use her with only 2 weeks or less.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard you can get Padmé directly at first day, because it includes 6 or 7 stars B2, 6 or 7 stars IG-100 and 7 stars Sun Fac, so with the 5 stars Asajj Ventress and the 5 stars Dooku of the HB, gearing them to gear 8 will be enough to unlock Padmé at first day.

In the following video you can check that is not needed a very good Separatist team to get Padmé. This guy got 7 stars Padmé with gear 10 Nute Gunray, gear 11 Dooku, gear 11 Asajj, gear 11 Poggle and gear 8 Sun Fac, so if you use IG-100 and B2 instead of Nute Gunray and Poggle should be enough to unlock at least:

You need farm Jango Fett to get the Hound's Tooth, as is farmable in the same Hard Battle than HT, so with 10 shards per day (2 Hard Battles refreshes) will delay only 33 days to get 7 stars, or 23 days to get 6 stars, so you can wait this time if you don't care a lot about get the last 2 Padmé stars in the first days. You can farm Dooku with the 2 Hard Battles, it will be 6,66 shards per day, so to improve him from 5 to 7 stars (180 shards) only will be needed 27 days. After that you will have Dooku, Jango, Sun Fac, IG-100 and B2 at 7 stars, ready to get 7 stars Padmé, without be needed waste Squad Arena Store currency, Cantina energy or Galactic War Store currency. All these Separatist are needed for several ҽvents, Grand Arena squads and to unlock other Legendary or Galactic Legends characters, so will not be a waste farm them.

If you prefer get the last 2 Padmé stars as soon as possible, then the fast way is farm Dooku with the Cantina energy and Hard Battles and Asajj Ventress with the Squad Arena Store. Getting Rank 1 in the Squad Arena will be 27,5 shards per day, so to get the last 180 shards only is needed 6,5 days to get 7 stars Asajj, while with the Dooku Hard Battles you can get 6,66 shards per day, so during 6 days you can manage to get 40 shards with the 2 Hard Battles (without refreshes) and get the last 140 shards with the Cantina, it would be 2.520 Cantina energy, so a Hoard account will help you to get these shards and get 7 stars Padmé with less than 1 week, plus help you to gear these characters and help you to keep the top of the Arenas.

To assure get 7 stars Padmé with only 6,5 days would be needed keep farming IG-100 and B2 before join in the arena, as I started to farm them before the 2020 SWGoH anniversary, so was harder farm them, but now is 2 times faster, you have 20% chance in every Guild Store refresh to get B1 or IG-100 shards, or 40% to get one of them, so 80% chance to get B2 or IG-100 during some of the 4 refreshes of the day, which means that to get like the last 200 shards would be needed hoard during 25 days, checking the Guild Store 4 times per day. You can put alarms in your phone to assure not miss any refresh. If you buy some Hoard account without B2 already started to farm, to get 330 shards would be needed hoard during 41 days. As for 7 stars Asajj is needed 6 days of farming, would be enough with 19 or 35 days of hoarding respectively.

Galactic Republic squad: Another advantage about to have General Kenobi from the beginning is make a full Galactic Republic team, without Bastila, with General Kenobi as leader, which is a Galactic Republic leader. Then you can put Zeta to Ahsoka, which will be Gear 13 with Relics and 6 Dot Mods, the Zeta makes that if the ally leader is Galactic Republic, Ahsoka is called to assist whenever another Galactic Republic ally uses a special ability, so she will do a lot of damage. Futhermore, every time that an ally uses a healing ability call all allies with full HP to assist dealing 50% less damage, so when Ahsoka uses her special will call at same time Yoda, Anakin, GK and Barriss, because the special is considered a healing ability (all allies recover 20% health). Also when Barriss uses the healing ability will call Ahsoka (2 times), Anakin, Yoda and GK, and GK also has a special ability which call all allies to assist, calling Ahsoka 2 times, so you can call all allies 3 times in the first round of turns, killing one enemy in every one of these turns. Futhermore, the Ahsoka special deals 50% more damage if the ally leader is Galactic Republic, so will deal crazy damages, taking into account that if Jedi Knight Anakin or General Kenobi is an ally, deal damage again, and if both are allies, deal damage a third time, so will do damage 3 times with 50% extra damage and calling all allies to assist, plus all allies gain Protection Up (20%) for 1 turn if all allies are Galactic Republic.

Barriss with the Zeta in the unique ability is the best option as last Galactic Republic character, for this reason I'm farming her in all accounts, because makes to whenever an ally is critically hit, that ally recovers 20% health. General Kenobi at 5 stars has 33.756 as base health, it can be increased to ‭41.695 using 4 mods with 5,88% HP as primary, and with some good secondaries, like 500 extra HP for each of the 6 mods, something easy to get, could be an extra 3k HP, plus an extra 10k using full HP mod sets, which adds an extra 30% max health, so a total of around 55.000 HP. The GK leader ability adds +30% Max Health to all Jedis, so it will be increased to 71.500 HP. It means that in every critical hit GK will recover 14.300 HP, which is more HP than the damage that the other players can get at the beginning, most of players will have between 1.500 and 2.500 offense, they will do a maximum of 10k damage, futhermore, the GK leader ability adds +70% Defense, it will reduce a lot the damages received, so they will not do anything to GK when is critically hit, they will make him recover HP, so at the end is better than the Bastila leader ability, because, with Bastila as leader, GK would have an extra protection (200%) based on the max health, so would be 110.000 extra protection, but would not receive the extra 16.500 HP, so the real difference is 93.500, and neither would not recover HP in every critical hit, only receiving 6 critical hits it makes better GK as leader than Bastila, and taking into account the healing from the Barriss basic, which is 6% of the Barriss max health, between 4.000 and 5.000 HP recovery in 45% of basics, plus the healing with the special, which can heal GK to 100% HP again, and the 20% Protection Up of the Ahsoka special, which is only applied when the leader is Galactic Republic, taking all of this into account is less than 6 critical hits to compensate the defensive advantages from the Bastila leader ability, probably with only 3 or 4 critical hits is enough.

Anakin also has extra advantages with GK as leader, whenever another ally falls below 50% health or is defeated, Anakin takes a bonus turn, and his next attack deals 100% more damage if all allies were Galactic Republic at the start of battle, so when the enemies are attacking GK and they get reduce the HP to less than 50%, Anakin will take a bonus turn, but as GK will recover HP very fast thanks to Barriss or Ahsoka, Anakin will be constantly getting bonus turn, doing a lot of damage with the basic and the AoE special
, which grant all allies Offense Up and Critical Chance Up for 2 turns and, for each enemy critically hit, grant Protection Up (10%, stacking) to each Galactic Republic ally for 1 turn.

The best third zeta is for General Kenobi, the best is put the first zeta to Ahsoka, the second to Barriss, the third to GK and the last to Yoda. The GK zeta makes that if all allies are Galactic Republic, General Kenobi taunts for 1 turn whenever another Galactic Republic ally loses any Protection Up. They gain Protection Up thanks to Yoda, Ahsoka and Anakin specials, so GK will be taunting all the time, will not be needed wait to receive a critical hit to start to taunt. Sometimes GK is less useful when the enemies gain critical hit immunity, because then you can focus to hit that character, will not receive critical hits, so GK will not taunt, but thanks to the GK zeta he will be taunting all the time and thanks to the Barriss healing and the Ahsoka, Anakin and Yoda Protection Up will be very hard to defeat GK.

Probably a Padmé team is better, using Padmé as leader, instead of Barriss, but meanwhile probably the Galactic Republic team with GK as leader is the best initial
team and all characters will be useful later for a Padmé team.

Han Solo & Han's Millennium Falcon: Having Han Solo from the beginnig will allow you use the Han's Millennium Falcon since you can get Bossk and Hound's Tooth, something that will delay a lot of time to normal players who simply bought the HB, because if you can join in a guild which sims The Pit raid and you get 10 shards per raid, to get the 145 shards to unlock him is needed play 15 raids, which is a minimum of 30 days, so in any case you will be able to use that ship before 1 month after start the Fleet Arena, and if you cannot join in a guild that sims The Pit raid and they play it manually you will get an average of 3 shards per raid in best of cases, because on ranks 11-20 is 5 shards, on ranks 21-30 is 3 shards, on ranks 31-40 is 2 shards and on ranks 41-50 is 1 shard, at the beginning you will not have any team ready for this raid, because with the HB the characters are unlocked at 5 stars and this raid requires a 7 stars character, so probably you need 1 week only to get some character to 7 stars, Windu would be the best option because is available in Arena store, Fleet store, Cantina and Hard Battles, you can get 40 shards per day in best of cases, so to get 180 shards only would be 5 days, and from then you only will have this character to get some damage, the only reason because I say you can get 3 shards per raid is because maybe you can do some little damage, like 1.000 damage, and get a better rank than people who simply put 0 damage, if only 20-25 players do some damage in the raid you still can get 3 shards, probably is the best situation in most of cases, so would delay 145 / 3 = 49 raids = 98 days = 3 months and 1 week to unlock Han Solo, in most of situations any new player who simply bought the HB will be able to unlock Han Solo in less than 1,5 months, usually will be between 3 and 4 months. But if you buy a Hoard account you will have him unlocked at 5 stars (1-Round) or 7 stars (2-Rounds) directly, ready to participate in Fleet Arena.

Futhermore, to unlock OT Chewie is needed 5 Bounty Hunters. In the HB only is included Boba, Cad Bane, IG-88 and Greedo, so you need farm another one. There is not any other Bounty Hunter on Galatic War store, Cantina store or Arena shipments, any Bounty Hunter fast to farm, only Dengar in Guild store and Zam in Guild Store and Fleet store.

Basically you need Dengar if you want have some chance, to prҽvent the stealth from R2-D2 on that ҽvent. I farmed Dengar in all accounts to allow people to unlock OT Chewie from the beginning, at least to 5 stars, which is enough to start to use the Han's Millennium Falcon, which requires 4 Bounty Hunter ships to unlock, you get 3 of them with the HB: Boba, IG-88 and Cad Bane, then from the beginning you need farm Bossk in the Dark Side 9-B Hard Battle and Hound's Tooth in the Light Side 8-D Hard Battle, playing 15 battles per day, to get 10 shards per day, so to get 145 shards for 5 stars would be needed 14 days, but you can accelerate it buying extra Hard Battle refreshes, with another 2 refreshes (200 crystals = 100 x 2) would be another 6,66 shards or blueprints per day, so to unlock Bossk and Hound's Tooth only would be needed 9 days, would cost 4.950 crystals as total, 2.475 crystals each. In the Hoard accounts are included around 4.000 crystals, the HB contains 2.000 crystals and you will get another 900 crystals daily with the Arenas, 8.100 crystals in 9 days, so is the best way. Not worth it buy the next Hard Battles refreshes by 200 crystals, and neither worth it buy shards or blueprints by crystals, is better wait these 9 days and continue doing the same until get 7 stars Han's Millennium Falcon.

Probably most of people will need 3 or 4 months to be able to start to use the Han's Millennium Falcon, when you can start to use it with only 9 days, without be needed spend extra money. Then, you can use Han's Millennium Falcon, Hound's Tooth and Biggs as main ships, with Phantom II, Ghost, Ahsoka and Cassian as reinforcements, for an almost full Rebel Fleet team, plus Ahsoka which will be a very powerful ship thanks to be 7 stars, with Relics and 6 Dot mods, also is possible use Ahsoka as main ship at the beginning until you get an enough good Biggs.

Jedi Knight Revan: If you are interested to use him from first day, is needed spend around 200 USD to buy the Old Republic bundles inside the Journey Guide.

Some youtubers did videos (video 1 || video 2 || video 3) getting him at first day, but they needed spend some extra money, between 150 and 300 USD, between 350 and 500 USD as total, to gear and level up them, and at the end they only got Gear 12 in 2 or 3 characters, they not got any Gear 13.

With a Hoard account, thanks to Raid rewards, you can gear them without be needed spend extra money
, you will be able to put 2 zetas to JKR and 1 zeta to Jolee directly from first day, and very soon your Yoda will be 7 stars and Gear 13 with Relics, so your JKR team will be much more better than any other JKR team in the server, they will not be able to defeat you. Usually in every server appears 2 or 3 whales who spend a lot of money to unlock and gear a JKR team, but a Hoard account is much more better than any whale investment thanks to the gears got with Heroic Raids, the Mod Slice Parts, General Kenobi and other resources.

During first week you can get a team with 7★ JKR (2 Zetas), 7★ Bastila, 7★ Jolee (1 Zeta), 7★ Yoda and 5★ GK, you will get all at gear 12 at least, with Yoda, JKR and Jolee at Gear 13 with Relics and 6 Dot Mods, maybe also Bastila very soon thanks to the Guild ҽvents currency, will be better than the pic above, specially if you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard, to have between 2 and 4 times more gears and 7★ GK.

Currently, but, since the 2020 SWGoH anniversary, not worth it a lot spend money to buy these Old Republic packs, as is very fast to get Jedi Knight Revan with only 10 days without be needed spend any money. In the last estrategies section you have all the info about it.

Darth Revan: Is another option if you like this team, with Fallen Bastila, HK-47, Sith Trooper and Traya. Also is needed spend 200 USD to buy packs to get the required characters to unlock Darth Revan: Carth, Canderous, Juhani, Fallen Bastila and HK-47. Is a team not as good than Jedi Knight Revan until you get Darth Malak, because a JKR team is faster and can easily kill Fallen Bastila before she can do something and then is easy for them kill the rest of the team. Is an enough good team to be unbeatable by players who simply bought the HB, but easy to defeat by other hoarders or whales who bought the JKR packs. As JKR is required to unlock Darth Malak, the best would be start with a JKR team, which will be hard to defeat by the whales, if they can, thanks to 7 stars Yoda and Ahsoka, with Gear 13, Relics and 6 Dot Mods, plus General Kenobi the 2 Zetas on JKR and the Zeta on Jolee, you can put both from the beginning, so probably the whales will not be able to defeat you during several weeks or months.

Hoarded Cantina Energy: The HB only includes 500 Cantina energy, almost nothing, with that energy you only can get 32 shards of some 10 energy Cantina Battle. A Hoard account includes 7.000 Hoarded Cantina Energy, it means you can get around 500 shards by this way in a 10 energy Cantina Battle or 660 if you farm an 8 energy Cantina Battle.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard account it will include around 9.000 Cantina Energy.

Hoarded Normal Energy: The Hoarded Normal Energy can help you in different ways. You can use all the energy to farm gears, like Stun Guns, which is a gear very hard to get, usually the best is buy it always that appears in Shards Store, which is 6 Stun Guns by 186 currency, if you try farm it the rate is very low and is very hard to get, but is a gear very needed. The Stun Cuffs can be bought in the Guild Store, so are easy to get, but the Stun Guns are very hard to get. There are other gears that also sometimes are hard to get, but with, at least, 17.000 Hoarded Normal Energy and 3.000 Sim Tickets (2-Rounds Hoard accounts) will be easy for you get all the needed to gear your characters. The accounts with 1-Round include 10.000 Hoarded Normal Energy and 200 Sim Tickets.

Once you have all the needed gears you can keep the energy and use it to farm interesting characters on Hard Battles and not be needed buy energy refreshes, like to farm the Old Republic characters needed for Jedi Revan and Darth Revan (Bastila, Zaalbar, Jolee, Fallen Bastila and Juhani), plus Wicket to unlock C-3PO, Talzin and Zombie to finish the Nightsisters team, Jango and the Hound's Tooth, plus Bossk, very needed for Fleet Arena, Sion and Nihilus, for a Traya team, Anakin, Droideka, Poggle, Daka, Ahsoka, Boba, Fives and Sabine are some of the good options, is a lot of energy play all of these Hard Battles at same time, specially if you buy Hard Battles refreshes, but with all the Hoarded Normal Energy will not be a problem farm them during several days and get an extra of shards than in a normal account, plus save crystals thanks to not be needed buy normal energy refreshes.

Credits & Training droids: Maybe not seems very important, because simply buying a HB the account starts with all characters at level 80 and gear 8, you can make a Bastila team with Anakin, Ahsoka, Yoda and Old Ben, with all level 85 from the beginning, only will be needed spend 1,6 million to make lvl 85 the 4 lvl 80 characters and 6,2 million to level up Yoda from lvl 1 to 85, so a total of 12,8 million credits, when the HB includes 20 million credits, so is not a problem make your main team lvl 85, but if you want also level up your Fleet Arena characters, like Ackbar, Biggs, Ezra, Sabine, Chopper, Kanan, Hera and Zeb, to improve your Rebel and Phoenix ships, plus Boba and Wedge, you will not have enough credits to improve all of them, because would be an extra 16 million credits needed.

And anyway, if you had enough credits, you would not have enough training droids to level up them, because with the training droids included in the HB, after level up the 5 Jedis all would be spent. Later with the Credits challenge, Training droids challenge, Credit heist ҽvent, Traning droids smuggling ҽvent, Galactic War rewards, Arena rewards and Raid rewards you would get them, but would be needed several weeks to get all the credits and training droids.

Futhermore, is needed a lot of credits to mod your characters. For every 5 dot mod is needed 248.400 credits, so 1 million per every 4 mods. To mod your main arena team is needed 30 mods, it would be 7,5 million credits. To find your correct mods is needed improve them to level 6, 9 or 12 first, before make them level 15, so it could be an extra between 1 and 3 million credits to find good stats. Then, if you also want mod your Fleet Arena characters would be an extra 15 million credits to mod 10 characters. Adding up all these things, the real thing is that only to maximize your Squad Arena team and your Fleet Arena team is needed 53 million credits, so will delay a lot of time, more than 1 month, for normal players who simply bought the HB, to get these extra 33 million credits.
Also is needed more credits to improve the Grand Arena teams, but this is less important at the beginning.

A 1-Round Hoard account starts with around 60 million credits, which added up with the 20 million credits of the HB is a total of 80 million credits. It means that you can gear from lvl 80 to 85 a total of 14 characters (4 Squad Arena and 10 Fleet Arena), from lvl 1 to 85 one character, like Yoda, and put 5 dot level 15 mods to all characters and still you will have around 30 millions to spend, like level up from lvl 1 to lvl 85 General Kenobi, which would be another 6,2 million, and rest of credits can be used to start to improve other teams, like if you are interested to get Padmé, then start to level up and gear your Genosians, which will give you an extra advantage on Grand Arena and Fleet Arena if you get also the Geonosian ships. A Hoard account has been playing the training droids challenge 2 times per week during 4 months, so you will have enough training droids to level up all your needed characters, plus all the training droids you will get when you spend all the hoarded energy.

Also is important the credits and training droids for Fleet Arena. Is included 10 million Fleet Credits and 250 T4 training droids in the HB. With the HAAT raids you will have an extra 6 million Fleet Credits and an extra 350 T4 training droids, it will help you to maximize your Fleet Arena team.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard account it will have around 120 million Normal Credits and 12 million Fleet Credits, which will be 140 million Normal Credits and 22 million Fleet Credits after buy the HB, so you will have a lot of credits, maybe to start to buy some mods by credits on shipments, in the Mods Store.

Guild Evҽnts Currency: In the HB is not included Guild Evҽnts currency, only is included Galactic War, Cantina, Squad Arena and Fleet Arena store currencies. In the Guild Evҽnts Store you can farm several interesting things, specially gears needed to make Gear 13 your team and the always needed Stun Guns.

Thanks to the Hoard account you will have an average of 12.000 Guild Evҽnts Store currency
, enough to get the rest of needed gears to make Gear 13 your characters in your main arena team. Is a good option do some store refreshes to get faster these gears and make Gear 13 your characters as soon as possible.

Also you can choose save that currency to later farm Darth Malak there
, once you complete the ҽvent.

If you buy a 2-Rounds Hoard account, it will have 24.000 Guild Evҽnts currency, so will be very easy gear your main squad thanks to this currency or you can save it for Darth Malak, every 380 currency is 1 shard, so you will be able to buy 63 Darth Malak shards, which added up with the currency you will get in your new guild thanks to the raids, Territory Battles and Territory Wars, will be enough to promote Darth Malak to 6 stars, will be 7 stars very soon, you can get a 7 stars Darth Malak in less than 4 months, or if you buy Old Republic packs to unlock Jedi Knight Revan and Darth Revan from first day you can get 7 stars Darth Malak in less than 2 months.

Get for free Jedi Revan in 10 days and Darth Revan in another 15 days:

To get Jedi Knight Revan is needed 7 stars on Bastila, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar and T3-M4.

To get JKR with only 10 days is needed use all the Hoarded Cantina Energy on Mission (7-A Cantina Battle = 16 energy), with 8.000 Cantina energy is enough to get directly 7 stars, still you will have 1.000 Cantina energy to get 60 shards of T3-M4 (6-B Cantina Battle = 12 energy), who will be 7 stars with only 9 days buying 3 Cantina refreshes per day. It will be 300 crystals on Cantina refreshes during 9 days, so 2.700 crystals as total.

Will be needed play 30 battles per day on the Bastila Hard Battles (5-B Dark Side Hard Battle and the 2-D Fleet Hard Battle), 15 battles each, doing 2 refreshes by 25 and 50 crystals each, to get an average of 20 shards per day, so to get the last 180 shards (Bastila is included in the HB at 5 stars) only will be needed 9 days, with a total cost of 1.350 crystals as total of these 9 days.

To get Jolee (6-D Dark Side Hard Battle & 4-E Fleet Hard Battle) and Zaalbar (5-D Light Side Hard Battle & 3-C Fleet Hard Battle) to 7 stars enough fast will be needed play 50 battles per day, doing 4 refreshes by 25, 50, 100 and 100 crystals each, to get an average of 33,33 shards per day, so to get the 330 shards for 7 stars will be needed 10 days, with a cost of 2.750 crystals each, 5.500 crystals as total of these 10 days.

The total crystals spending would be 9.950 crystals. It should not be a problem, as simply with the 900 daily crystals from Arenas, 9.000 in 10 days, plus the 4.000 crystals included in the Hoard account and the 2.000 crystals included in the HB you will have 15.000 crystals after 10 days, and taking into account all the crystals after complete the achievements, after complete the ҽvents, the daily login crystals and the daily activities during these 10 days, probably will be around 17.000 crystals, so still you will have 7.000 crystals to spend in other things.

To get Darth Revan is needed 7 stars on Fallen Bastila, Juhani, Carth, Canderous and HK-47.

Canderous (5-C Cantina Battle = 12 energy) is the only one farmale in Cantina. If you do 3 Cantina refreshes per day by 100 crystals each, 300 crystals as total, you will have 465 Cantina energy per day, which is 25,83 shards per day as average. It means that to get 7 stars Canderous only is needed 13 days.

Fallen Bastila is farmable in the 7-A Dark Side Hard Battle. Is not included in the HB. As first you will farm the Jedi Knight Revan characters, is enough with 3 daily refreshes by 25, 50 and 100 crystals, it will be 15 battles per day, 13,33 shards per day, so 25 days to get 7 stars, you will get 7 stars only 15 days after unlock JKR.

Juhani is farmable in the 6-A Light Side Hard Battle. Is not included in the HB. Also is needed 3 daily refreshes by 25, 50 and 100 crystals, it will be 15 battles per day, 13,33 shards per day, so 25 days to get 7 stars.

Carth is farmable in the 2-E Hard Fleet Battle. Is not included in the HB. Also is needed 3 daily refreshes by 25, 50 and 100 crystals, it will be 15 battles per day, 13,33 shards per day, so 25 days to get 7 stars.

HK-47 is farmable in the Squad Arena Store. Neither is included in the HB. Getting Rank 1 everyday in Squad Arena you will get 1.100 currency, which is 27,5 shards per day, so only is needed 12 days to get 7 stars, will be the first to get 7 stars.

The total crystals spending for these characters would be 3.900 crystals for the Cantina refreshes during the 13 days needed to farm Canderous, plus 4.375 for each of the other characters to farm the Hard Battles during 25 days, a total of 17.025 crystals. During the extra 15 days you will get another 13.500 crystals with the arena, plus 250 crystals with the daily login, around 1.500 crystals with the daily activities and the 7.000 remaining crystals of the first 10 days should be around 22.250 crystals, so still you will have 5.225 crystals to spend in other things, like to farm Bossk, Hound's Tooth and the other Bounty Hunter ships (Xanadu, Slave I and IG-2000) for the Han's Millennium Falcon.

Mensaje por Quim » hace 1 año, editado el 09 Dic 2020 02:09 (149 veces)

How is calculated the Price?

This is the short version. If you want read more details about how works my system to calculate the prices, check it in the last FAQ of the next reply.

● I have 90 tickets accounts doing 40.000 tickets per day, requires 1 hour and 30 minutes per day.

● The hoard activity is faster, are 48 Hoards accounts, I can do it with 45 minutes. I connect 2 times per day at least, to farm the Guild Store characters enough fast and get the free energy 2 times per day, so is 1 hour and 30 minutes per day.

● The total time dedication, without any break, working at 100%, is 3 hours per day.

I need 75 days to unlock Traya, because is 25 raids to unlock as average, every 3 days I get 110k, so is 75 days to unlock, 238 hours dedication.

There is needed add the time dedication during raid days, this is an extra 25 hours per round in the HAAT and HSTR raids and 7 extra hours in the HPIT raids, so the real total time dedication per round is minimum 270 hours.

● As I can build 48 hoards per round, 270 hours divided by 48 it means 5,62 hours per hoard account and round. Taking into account that this time dedication is full time wihout any break, so is like a physical work, the minimum salary per hour is 10 USD, or at least is the only price per hour that I consider minimally correct for my time and effort. Then, 5,62 multiplied by 10 USD is 56 USD. To compensate a little the payment methods fees and the currency exchange fees the final price per round is 60 USD, but If you can pay it as friend by PayPal and euros you can send exactly 56 USD per round. If you prefer pay it as friend by USD the price would be 59 USD. If you prefer pay it as product/service by EUR the price would be 58 USD.

The 2-Rounds 2020 Hoard accounts, with at least 2 times the resources in comparison with the 1-Round Hoards, with 7 stars General Kenobi, Darth Traya and Han Solo, have the prices multiplied by 2, so 112 USD if you pay it by PayPal as friend and by euros, 120 USD if you pay it by other methods. If you prefer pay it as friend by USD the price would be 118 USD. If you prefer pay it as product/service by EUR the price would be 116 USD.

The VIP 2-Rounds 2019 Hoard accounts got extra resources with an extra 20 USD value, so the price is 132 USD if you pay it by PayPal as friend and by euros, 140 USD if you pay it by other methods. If you prefer pay it as friend by USD the price would be 138 USD. If you prefer pay it as product/service by EUR the price would be 136 USD.


► You can change the time zone on game settings once you join in the arena, to make coincide the arena time and payouts at best moment for you, there is 2 time zone changes available per year.

► In the price, logically, is not included the Hyperdrive Bundle, is needed buy it by yourself when you want join in the arena. Meanwhile the account will be level 26, to join in the Arena is needed level 28, so be careful not reclaim the daily activities, to not get experience, if you want join later in some days or weeks.

► All accounts are playable on Android and iOS devices. You can have it linked to Google Play (Android), Game Center (iOS) or both at same time.

Payment methods

PlayerUp Middleman: Is a good system if you want the best protection granted, consist that first the buyer sends the money to Middleman and Middleman keeps the money until the buyer confirms that received the account. This system prҽvents the scams, the seller never will receive the money until you confirm you have the control of the account.

After the payment, a Middleman agent will create a 3-way conversation in next 24-72 hours. Once created, I will provide you all the instructions to link the account to your Android or iOS device. Once you confirm you linked the account to your device, you must change the conversation prefix to "Seller - Confirms Delivery", by this way the Middleman agent will start the cashout to send the money to me, the seller.

Middleman has a lot of payment methods, like PayPal, Skrill, TransferWise, Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, Gift Cards, Google Pay and others, to check the complete list »»click here««.

• 1-Round 2020 Hoard account (60 USD) (Android and iOS):

Link: https://www.playerup.com/middleman/?page_id=5&form=cart&p_key=10783453_88136

• 2-Rounds 2020 Hoard account (120 USD) (Android and iOS):

Link: https://www.playerup.com/middleman/?page_id=5&form=cart&p_key=10783452_29943

• VIP 2-Rounds 2019 Hoard account (140 USD) (Android and iOS):

Link: https://www.playerup.com/middleman/?page_id=5&form=cart&p_key=10802252_39834

Middleman has a lot of payment methods, like PayPal (as product with buyer protection), Skrill, TransferWise, Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, Gift Cards, Google Pay and others, to check the complete list »»click here««.

PayPal (Bank card or PayPal funds): This system includes 180 days buyer protection, so is as safe than the Middleman system. If you send the money as friend and by euros the accounts will have the lowest price explained in every type of accounts. If you prefer other currencies the discounŧ is only 1 USD per round. If you prefer pay it as product (with buyer protection), then will be the basic price.

Skrill (Bank card or Skrill funds). If you send the money by euros the accounts also will have the lowest price. If you prefer other currencies will be the basic price.

Bank transfer: I have bank account on Europe, which is a SEPA transfer, on N26 (Germany) and Caixabank (Spain) entities. You can send the money in your preferred currency with your own bank, by Internet if you prefer. After do it I will reserve the account for you and after receive the money I will provide you all the instructions to link the account to your device. In this method are applied the lowest prices.

TransferWise (Bank card or TransferWise funds): Is a good system because they use a real exchange currency rate, so you can send the money in your preferred currency and I will receive a real exchange rate without fees. In this method, as there are not exchange rate fees, is applied a 2 USD discounŧ in the basic price, so if you not have funds by euros in your PayPal account, then TransferWise would be the cheapest online method for you.

MoneyGram / Western Union (Cash): Also I can accept these methods to receive the money. In these methods also are applied the cheapest prices.

Trade: If you have some SWGoH account that you not want continue playing, I can accept it as payment or to reduce the price. The value of the account for the exchange will be 50% of the selling prince, as I need get some benefit with it and is needed subtract the fees that Middleman or the other payment methods will apply to me, plus the currency exchange fee. If is an account that I will put on sale by 100 USD, the value for the exchange will be 50 USD. If is an account with a value of 280 USD, it will count 140 USD. To get a complete trade without be needed pay any money, the total value of your account or your accounts must be at least 280 USD.


You can check below my contact data to chat with me and talk about it, you can talk with me by Discord, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, Skype, Twitter, Instagram or mail, I share all my social media so this demonstrates that I'm a trust person with a real service and a safe payment system. I'm using all chat platforms and I will answer instantly. I'm from Spain, I talk Spanish and English.

● Discord: Quim#3389 https://discordapp.com/channels/@me/242406384254058497

● WhatsApp: +34 684 21 75 56

● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metodoquim

● Telegram: https://t.me/QUIMLC

● Line: QUIMLC

● Skype (QUIMLC): https://is.gd/nGKozQ

● Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/quimlc

● Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quimlc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal?

► Build a Hoard account is a completely legal thing, the account cannot be reported and banned because of it, the administrators already said in the EA forum that hoard resources is a legal strategy that everyone can do without any consecuence. In every server there are Hoard accounts and they never got banned. Already I sold 50 Hoard accounts and they not got banned. You can see a screenshot where I reported a hoarder to CG_Leaviathan (the community manager who manage the bans to cheaters), to demonstrate that there is not any consequence, the admin said is legal.

► These Hoard accounts never used cheats, so they cannot be banned for this reason. If someone report you they will not find any cheating data in the account. To get 7 stars raid characters simply participated in the raids joining during the join period, putting 0 damage. Started playing Tier 3 raids, farming always the same character with the Guild Store currency, like Young Han Solo or Starck, and then, after get enough shards and promote the character, playing Tier 4, Tier 5, Tier 6 and finally Tier 7 Heroic raids. This is a legal strategy accepted by the game rules, because they like that new players get a reason and an extra motivation to start a new account and spend money on it.

Short FAQ about the buyer protection in the transactions

How can I be sure that I will receive the account and that I will not be scammed after pay it?

The protection in this case is 100% granted thanks to the buyer protection systems.

If you use Middleman, you can include insurances in the order. The insurances give you a protection during 60 days, if someone scam you PlayerUp will give you all the money back and the scammer will be banned. The insurances and costs are the following:

60 Day Insurance Package (Orders $100.00 or Less) = $1.99
60 Day Insurance Package (Orders $100.01 to $300.00) = $5.99

After press on the "Buy now" button you can press on "Insurance Packages" and there you will be able to select your insurance. If you pay 50 USD for an account and 1,99 USD for the insurance, you will receive back the 50 USD to your account if you are scammed and the seller/scammer will be banned. Then you can Cashout the Middleman Balance via some of the multiple Cashout Methods they have, like bank transfer, PayPal, Skrill, TransferWise and others, so during these 60 days you will be fully protected.

You can check more info about the Middleman buyer protection system in the following link:


Also, as already I explained before, the Middleman system consist that first the buyer sends the money to Middleman and Middleman keeps the money until the buyer confirms that received the account, so the seller will never receive the money until you confirm that you received the account and that you are satisfied with it.

If you use PayPal also you have 180 days buyer protection, as already is included in the price, the sellers pay the commissions for the transaction when you pay it as product/service, in these commissions are included the buyer insurances.

You can check more info about the PayPal buyer protection system in the following link:


How can I be sure that nobody will connect in my account again?

In my system I'm the original owner of my accounts and I only have them linked to Google Play, I not have iOS devices. If you have an iOS device can be transferred easily to that platform, but I not have it linked to Apple IDs, only Play Game profiles. If you want be sure that I will never connect again to the account we can do a video call by Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram or other chat apps, and I will show you on live as your account ID is linked to my Android devices and I will show you on live how I delete the data via the "Delete your Play Games profile and data" function, you can read more about this function here:


Then, I will remove all Play Games profile directly, as I not play more games on that accounts, and I will show you that from now the account is not linked anymore to my mail, after connect again to the same mail will start the tutorial to create a new account. I am the only seller who applies this method for maximum 100% buyer protection, so is the most possible secure transaction you will ever do.

In other methods where the seller is only an intermediary, buy accounts always is much more risk, because if the seller is not the original owner, you never can know if the original owner maybe has it linked to Android and iOS devices at same time and maybe he only sold the Google Play account credentials, but not sold the iOS account credentials.

This function also can be used to delete the data of your current account to continue using the same mail, if you want keep your main mail to connect to the game and you don't care about replace your current account. Also is possible first move the current account to another mail and then move the hoard to your main mail, as you want, I will help you during all the process.

I not sell the mail and password directly because could be considered as illegal account transfer if you use the same game profile in a different country, as happened to the best streamer of this game, AhnaldT101, he got banned his second account because of this reason, he bought an asian account and was purchasing items in the Store with the asian prices, which are cheaper, so got banned. Always is better create your own mail, which will have the correct country and the correct Store prices, and link there the account, or continue using your main mail, deleting previously the data. On iOS devices directly is not possible buy items in the Store if you not use your own mail.

Also you can check in my PlayerUp profile that I not have any negative feedback, 100% are positive, you can check that I'm a verified member since 28th January 2017, a lot of years ago, so it means that all my costumers are happy with their accounts, all are happy with the transactions, so it means that I never had any problem with the buyers. This is the link to access directly to my profile:


Is a Hoard account better than buy a 3M GP account?

By 150 or 200 USD probably you can find some people selling 3 or 4 million Galactic Power accounts with a lot of characters farmed and geared, with gear 12 or gear 13 Darth Revan, Jedi Knight Revan, Traya, GK, Padme, Grievous, BB-8, Jedi Training Rey, Han Solo, CLS, OT Chewie, R2D2, Thrawn, Palpatine, etc., with a good Fleet Arena team with 7 stars Hound's Tooth, Han Millennium Falcon, Vader, Chimaera and a lot of good characters, but this old account will have a very big competition, everyone will be at same level, with all characters at Gear 13 and Relic 7, so everyone will be able to defeat you, specially if they have better mods, so you will not dominate the arenas, maybe you can get a good rank in your payout, but later you will drop to rank 20, 30, 50 or more.

With a Hoard account you will have all the needed to be rank 1 in the arenas from the beginning and be ready to participate in all ҽvents, you will be able to improve your damages step by step. Every step of the account progress is part of the fun thing of the game, every new Star, every new Gear, every new Mod, every time that you Slice a Mod, every new Character, every improvement is part of the fun thing of the game, is not fun if you buy it already done, maybe is interesting at first days, but will not delay a lot of time bore that account, you will get the monotony very soon. A Hoard account with the Hyperdrive Bundle is the best fun way, because you can build your own account with only a little of help at the beginning to assure be always in the top and have a fun competition.

Futhermore, if in some moment you bore the game you can sell the account and you will get back most of your money, if you pay 56 USD, plus the 100 USD for the HB, 6 months after probably you will be able to sell it by 100 or 120 USD, so in any case you will waste the money.

Has the SWGoH game a good future or will disappear soon?

This game is generating between 16 and 17 million dollars per month, like 200 million dollars per year. Since the launch, this game generated more than 1 billion dollars. Minecraft, the most sold game in the history, did 110 million in the mobile version on 2018, less than SWGoH. EA FIFA Mobile did 158 million, also less. The best games are Fortnite 2.400M, League of Legends 1.400M, Pokemon GO 1.300M, Candy Crush 1.100M, Clash Royale 800M, Clash of Clans 800M, The Sims Mobile 650M, so SWGoH is not too far of these games taking into account that is a specific thematic, the Star Wars world, not a general thematic. SWGoH has a good future and has improved the sales in last months thanks to the last updates. The game will continue active as always in next 3 years at least and probably much more, because is a game with a continuous updates that keep the old players and incentivize the new players, plus Star Wars has new films, active series and a lot of content that keep the interest of the current and new players, plus the developers to continue creating new content.

Extra details about my prices

I'm using BlueStacks with 2 instances to do 40k tickets with 88 accounts, I will have a total of 100 accounts soon.

Also I'm using 2 gaming phones (Poco X3 and Mi 10T Lite) to do tickets while the BlueStacks macros are running.

I need a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete it at high speed work, or 2 hours at nomal speed work, using BlueStacks and the 2 phones at same time.

When I use BlueStacks, the CPU works at 100% all the time with 2 instances, is an Intel i5-4310M laptop with 16 GB RAM that can work at around 3,0 GHz, is not possible manage 4 instances at same time, because is needed check that all is working properly in every instance, as this game has frequent connection errors, freezes and crashes on the emulators, plus the level ups, so is easier and more efficient only manage 2 instances at same time, and while the macros are running I can continue doing tickets with my 2 phones. 1 hour and 30 minutes is a realistic average to make 40k tickets, is not possible get it faster, already I invested a lot of money, around 1000 EUR adding up the PC, components and the phones, to get it as fast as possible.

In the price of the first round is not included the 2 weeks needed to farm a Guild Store character to 7 stars, like Starck or Young Han, playing lower raid tiers before get 7 stars, so is included 2 weeks time dedication for free. This is useful to be completely clear and fair, for if you think that, in some way, is possible make 40k tickets in less than 1 hour and 30 minutes, or manage 48 Hoard accounts, 3 times per day, in less than 90 minutes, then you can exclude this time that you think is possible to save of these 2 free weeks.

Currently my prices are 2,5 times cheaper than my initial price (150 USD) when I started to build Hoard accounts on 2019, I sold around 50 accounts at that price. Currently I decreased the price because I got maximize the production to full efficiency, with 2 guilds almost full of level 60+ tickets accounts, macros who do automatically the tickets, to help me to not feel pain in my hands because of constant clicks, also some automatic actions in the hoarding actions, a fast laptop with 16 GB RAM and enough CPU to make work correctly 2 BlueStacks instances at same time with operation syncronization and 2 gaming phones to make more tickets while the BlueStacks macros are running, so currently is not delaying me too much time complete the daily hoard activities, only 3 hours per day, which is the minimum time dedication possible to get it, so has been fair reduce the price and now are 2,5 times cheaper.

As you can see, I'm being very clear telling all the time required in every step of my system and I put a price per hour very fair taking into account that is full time dedication, without any pause.

Also build the macros required a lot of time during months and I'm not taking it into account in the price, build 88 tickets accounts from lvl 1 to 60 requires a lot of time, as already I sold around 50 accounts by 150 USD they already paid the price of all these initial efforts, but from now is not needed that time thanks to my improved efficiency, so I can reduce the price, but still is a lot of time, so 10 USD per hour dedication is very fair, the minimum salary, probably almost 100% of the P2P players would pay a 60 USD bundle only to get all the gears and resources included in these Hoard accounts, without include any character. Only to buy a Stun Gun (1400 crystals) the cost is 10 USD. If you compare the price of all the gears with the cost on shipments probably the total value of these gears is between 250 and 300 USD, without take into account the Hoarded Regular and Cantina Energy included, the Guild Store currency, the Guild Evҽnts curency, the abilty mats like Zetas, Omegas and Purple mats, the Normal Credits, the Fleet Credits, General Kenobi, Darth Traya, Han Solo, plus the already farmed characters in the Guild Store, etc., if was possible buy all these things in shipments, probably the cost by crystals would be around 400 USD per round at least, maybe near to 500 USD, so only 60 USD is the best price you will find ever, nobody has a better price.

For all these reasons, I will never decrease the price, 60 USD will be always the lowest price (or 56 USD in the lowest payment options). I not accept offers, if you offer 40, 50 or 55 USD I will not accept, if you not have enough money to pay a 2-Rounds Hoard is better if you buy 1-Round hoard, will be enough for you to be in the top of the arenas during a lot of time if you play it correctly, 1-Round account has less advantages, but is good enough.