Join in the new server at first day

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Join in the new server at first day

Mensaje por Quim » hace 7 meses, editado el 16 Jun 2019 22:52 (6 veces)

One of the most important things about a new hoard account is join in the new server at first day after be created, because currently a new server is created every between 20 and 25 days, so if you join at day 23, when all players have been getting 2.000 experience per day, they already will have 46.000 experience played, so your 29.000 energy hoarded will not make any advantage against them.

To know when a new server is created there is a Discord server named "Starting Guide SWGOH" where people talk about it in #current-shard-status channel, and in the "SHARD CHANNELS 2019" category you can check which day the last servers started.

This is the permanent link to join: