How to join in a new arena server at first day

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How to join in a new arena server at first day

Mensaje por Quim » hace 1 año, editado el 02 Jun 2020 22:26 (14 veces)

One important thing about a new hoard account is join in the new server at first day after be created, because currently a new server is created every around 10 days (20.000 players per server), so if you join at day 8 you will start at rank 16.000, will be needed a lot of arena refreshes during next days to get the top, around 1.500 crystals only to get the top, and your opponents will have 8 days advantage of account progress, so is a waste of crystals and progress.

To know when a new server is created there is a Discord server named "Starting Guide SWGOH" where people talk about it in #current-shard-status channel, and in the "SHARD CHANNELS 2020" category you can check which day the last servers started. I participate there sometimes sending screenshots about the current shard status.

This is the permanent link to join: