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Rules & Tips

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Don't reclaim any daily activity to not get level 28 and join in the arena. I farmed sim tickets until get level 25. On this level is unlocked the tier 2 in the challenges about ability mats, training droids and credits, so is not needed get a higher level, by this way prevent that you accidentally reclaim the activities and you get level 28, wasting 150 USD. In previous hoards that I built until get lvl 27 it happened several times, some people accidentally reclaimed the activities and joined in the arena, so is needed keep lvl 25 and be careful with it.

Don't change the timezone. On settings you can change 2 times per year the timezone for a preferred time to play the arenas, but when you purchase the account I have configured the best times for my hoard activity, to have all hoards in the same timezone and collect the free energy and check shipments at same time, so keep the same timezone until you join in the arena. If you change the timezone I will not be able to hoard energy and I will miss some shipments everyday, so basically I will only play raids. When you join in the new server arena you can take advantage about it if you are from America, because you can play the arena, get the 500 crystals and then change the timezone to a later time, play again the arena and get another 500 crystals.

Don't play raids. All accounts do 0 damage and the ranks are random. If you do some damage your account will not participate in the next raid. If the account still not has a 7 stars character the penalty will be applied when all accounts have some 7 stars character and we start to play Heroic raids. If you do some damage a second time in some raid, the next penalty will be not participate in any of the next 3 raids. If you do it a third time your account will be removed of the system. Is not needed join in raids during the joining period and neither is needed put 0 damage during the attack time, I will do it by myself always, I will join in your account anyway to do it, also if you already did it, so is a waste of time do that.

Don't join or play HPIT raid once unlocked Han Solo. In the HPIT raid some accounts get worse RNG than others, getting 1 or 2 shards most of times, from rank 41 to 50 only is 1 shard, from rank 31 to 40 is 2 shards. To compensate the bad RNG I exclude the accounts which already unlocked Han Solo, by this way rest of accounts will get better rewards. If you already unlocked Han Solo you are not allowed to paticipate in the Heroic The Pit (rancor) raids, so don't join in the raid during the joining period and neither put 0 damage during the attack time. If you do 0 damage you will receive a penalty, your account will not participate in next 2 HAAT raids. If you do it a second time, your account will not participate in next 2 HAAT and the next HSTR. If you do it a third time your account will be removed of the system. In the HAAT and HSTR raids is not needed do that because all accounts get always 5 or 6 shards as minimum, only is applied in the HPIT raid.

Don't share or talk with others about the account or my system. To complete raids I'm using hacks to be able to complete them with only 1 account and grant to the hoard accounts the rest of top ranks, without hacks would not be possible get the TOP 10 in the Heroic Sith raid, so the rest of accounts would get a worse rewards and would not be possible to have 50 hoard accounts in the guild at same time. If you talk about my system to other persons there is a risk to be reported and be banned. If it happens you will not get a refund of your money, so the best is keep it secret, don't talk about it on Discord servers, channels, friends, don't talk about it in any other app, forum or platform, don't share screenshots about your roster, your ally code, the guild, the raids and anything, the best is if anybody know about it. If you know somebody interested to purchase a hoard account you can send them my PlayerUp or EpicNPC links or my own forum link where I expain all about it, but don't send any other thing, like screenshots or ally codes.

Don't add friends in your allies until you join in the arena. If you did some new friend in the game and you add him in your allies to later be easier to complete nodes, maybe if this guy notice that you are participating in a guild that is cheating on raids he will report you and your account will be permanently banned. Is possible know it tracking the guild currency, if is increased too fast it means is a guild cheating. If you want add some ally, you only can add your own accounts, don't add friends. When you join in the arena and you join in another guild there is not any risk to be reported and banned, so at that moment you can add your friends in your allies. If you add some ally that is not part of my accounts I will ask you about it to assure you not added any friend.

Don't remove allies that are playing in my asian guilds. I have several accounts as ally to be easier move to another guild to play raids, to send the guild invitations. When you join in the arena I will join in the account a last time to remove all these allies by myself, so you don't need be worried about that. All my accounts will be removed because I need these ally spots for the new hoards, so I cannot keep you in my allies.

This is how the raids system works: Currently I have 2 guilds that do a total of 30.000 tickets per day, which is the maximum allowed to not reach the raids limit (420k tickets per raid in last 2 weeks), with 38 tickets accounts on each guild, doing 15.000 tickets per guild. Then I have 1 guild with all the hoards, in a separate guild which is not playing raids. When we get enough tickets I join in the guild with all hoards, I put 1 hour joining period, to join easier in the raids in all accounts, once finished that hour I proceed to complete the raids. One hour later we get the rewards, I join in every account and I leave the guild to be back to the hoards guild. Instead of leave the guild usually I kick the accounts, because is a faster process, so don't worry if you see you were kicked. If you join in the guild and you check that you are without guild it means I'm moving the accounts to another guild in the following minutes or hours, sometimes between 5 and 10 hours later, specially if we will play more raids tomorrow, to not reach the guild switches. Remember is not needed do anything during the raid process, I will do all actions by myself.

Don't join any other guild when you are without guild, because there is a limit of 2 switches per day, the first is to join in the raids guild and the second is to be back to the hoards guild. If you see there is an invitation in your inbox you can accept the invitation. If you join some other guild there is a risk to be reported by other players who not understand the hoard system and be banned. Maybe sometimes you will miss a Guild store refresh, because I need kick the hoad accounts between 23:00 and 01:00 CET as maximum, to invite back the tickets accounts and do the tickets from 01:00 to 03:00 AM CET. The raids guild refresh is at 06:30 AM CET, sometimes I will kick the tickets accounts some minutes after and you will be able to check the Guild store from 06:30 to 11:00 AM CET (the store refreshes is at 05:00 AM CET), but usually I will be sleeping at that time. If I'm sleeping from 03:00 to 10:00 AM, then usually I join in all hoard accounts at 10:00 AM CET and I check the Guild store while I'm joining in the raids guild and then I check again the Guild store at 11:00 AM CET while I'm joining in raids, so during the raids days you usually will not miss any Guild store refresh, your account will be without guild from 23:00 to 11:00, but you will not miss any Guild store refresh. If you join some guild, furthermore the risk to be banned, you will reach the guild transactions limit, so when I kick your account at 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 or 23:00, to invite back to the hoards guild, you will not be able to join in any other guild until 24 hours after, so if you join at 01:00 AM CET in some random guild, you will miss the refreshes of 17-23h and maybe also 23-05h, so you will not get any advantage and probably will be worse. If I see you joined some random guild you will receive a warning, because also is a risk for rest of hoards if you are playing in other guilds. If you do it a second time, your account will be removed of the system.

If you are disconnected when you are inside the account don't try to connect again pressing the "Refresh" button, the best is force to close the game and connect later. If it happens it means I'm connecting to the account to do the hoard activity, so if you refresh I will be forced to refresh again and it will harm my activity. When you connect for first time of the day you can do that, because it happens sometimes if I joined in the account recently, but if it happens while you are navigating inside the game is better force to close the game and play later.

I will buy sim tickets until get an amount of 2.250 sim tickets, because is needed an average of 1 sim ticket per every 9 energy. Once is ready, the account will have 22.000 energy hoarded, so is needed a minimum of 2.500 sim tickets. In the HB is included 500 sim tickets and you will get another 150 with the fleet arena rewards, plus you will be able to buy another 100 with shipments and you will get like 50 with achievements, it will be a total of 3.050 sim tickets. I will farm until get 2.250 to have some sim tickets to sim challenges, which is around 500 sim tickets spent during the hoarding, subtracting these sim tickets you will have just the needed, the 2.500 sim tickets. If you use most of the hoarded normal energy to play hard nodes probably is enough with around 2.000 sim tickets. You can keep the normal energy for the following days continue playing hard nodes without be needed buy normal energy refreshes, by this way save some crystals. Everytime that I get some free crystals I will buy sim tickets. If you buy crystals anyway will be needed continue buying sim tickets. After get 2.250 sim tickets I will stop to buy them and start to save crystals.

Don't buy the Hyperdrive Bundle until the account is ready. This is the most important thing, but as is a logical thing I added it on last spot. After buy the HB you will get level 85 directly and you will join immediately in the normal arena and fleet arena, so if the account still is not ready when you buy it, you will lose the advantage and the hoard will be wasted. Futhermore, I cannot keep in the guild accounts which already joined in the arena, because there is a high risk to be banned and affect the rest of accounts, so immediately the account would be kicked of my guild and system. Is needed wait until unlock Darth Traya, on that moment the account will have all the raid characters unlocked and will have enough gears and resources to dominate the arenas.


You can change the in-game name. By default the hoard account has some random name, but you can press on the name, then the pencil icon and put the name that you prefer.

You can farm Dengar, Sun Fac and Barriss. Usually I only connect 2 times in the game, at 17:00 CET to get the 45 free cantina energy, 45 free normal energy and check the Guild store, and at 23:00 CET to get another 45 free normal energy and check a second time the Guild store. Usually I not connect from 05:00 to 11:00 CET, because I'm sleeping, and sometimes I not connect from 11:00 to 17:00 CET, because usually I'm doing other things, usually I only connect from 11h to 17h when is raid day. If you connect on these 2 refreshes to assure the hoard checks the Guild store 4 times per day, it will help to farm Dengar faster, it will make easier the ҽvent to unlock OT Chewie, will help to farm Sun Fac faster, to unlock Padme faster and to have a better ship on Fleet arena, and will help to farm Barriss faster, to start directly at 7 stars or more near to it, to save cantina energy for other characters.

You can buy extra characters if you prefer a different strategy. You can indicate me your preferred strategy and also I will follow it. Maybe you want farm Starck for an Imperial Troopers team, as is not included in the HB and is an interesting option for Grand Arena. Maybe you want farm Ewoks to unlock C3PO, also not included in the HB. Maybe you would like farm IG-100 and B2 for a droid team. Maybe you are interested to farm Ima-Gun Di, Aayla or Kit Fisto for secondary jedi teams. Maybe you would like to have Zam, Sith Assassin or Acolyte from the beginning. If you are interested in some of these charaters the best is buy the account as soon as possible. Remember that the best is save some currency, like 20.000, to buy gears to make gear 9, gear 10, gear 11, gear 12 and gear 13 your main team. Will be needed buy carbanti, stun cuffs, gear 12 pieces and maybe mod slice parts for 6 dot mods.

You can buy extra gears. During the hoarding appears interesting gears very needed in low level gears, something interesting to gear the characters not included in the HB, like General Kenobi, Traya, Han Solo, Dengar, Sun Fac, Barriss, etc., they will not start at gear 8 like the HB characters, so there are some gears that will be very needed at the beginning and which are better buy them in Guild store than waste energy to farm them, is better use the hoarded normal energy in more interesting things, like farm interesting hard nodes. By default I will not buy any gear during the hoarding to allow the customers apply their own strategy, as they can keep buying these gears before join in the arena, while they wait the next server, or they can decide farm these gears with the hoarded normal energy.

You can play all challenges. As usually I only connect 2 times per day, usually I only play 2 challenges per day. If you connect in the account you can sim the third attempt and wait the 10+10 minutes to play the 4th and 5th attempts. It will help to have more purple ability mats, more credits and more training droids. The rest of gears are less needed, because with 2 sims per day must be enough. Sometimes I only play 1 challenge if I not have a lot of time, I try to play at least 2 always in Ability Mats challenge day, but in the rest of days sometimes I only play 1.

You can buy gears by credits. There are some gears interesting to buy on shipments by few credits. I have a macro which automatically buy them everytime that I connect to the account, but if you connect also in the other 2 refreshes you will be able to make 8 extra purchases, so you will save some normal energy thanks to not be needed farm them.

You can get an extra daily 45 energy if you connect from 02:00 to 04:00 AM CET. Usually I not connect at 02:00 AM CET because is the same shipments and would be an extra effort not very useful, as currently, because of the HB, the normal energy is not very useful and not worth it an extra 30 minutes dedication to connect in all hoard accounts only to get 45 normal energy, and sometimes at that time I'm sleeping. If you connect from 02:00 to 04:00 AM CET, which is only some seconds for you, then you can get that extra 45 energy, which is an extra 1.350 energy per month, so is like to get enough energy to get 27 extra stun guns per month, 1 full stun gun every 2 months, so is a not bad advantage.

You can reclaim more free bronzium data cartds. Usually I only open 1 or 2 per day, because there is very low chance to get something interesting currently, not included in the HB, but if you open 5 per day still you can get interesting things, like 4* Barriss, 4* Ima-Gun Di, 4* Poggle, 4* Datcha, 4* URoRRuR'R'R, 3* Tusken Raider, 3* Jawa, 3* Hoth Rebel Scout, 3* Hoth Rebel Soldier, 3* Lobot, 3* Luminara, 3* Plo Koon, 2* Jedi Consular, 2* Jedi Knight Guardian, 2* IG-100, 2* Teebo, 2* Ewok Elder, 1* Ewok Scout, 1* IG-86 and 1* Royal Guard.

You can buy packs that are only available during few days. If you like spend money is a good option, because sometimes appears interesting packs that are only available during 2 or 3 days and they will not appear again until 2 or 3 months later. Sometimes you can buy packs with extra cantina energy, bundles with extra gears, packs with characters that can be useful in some part of the game, like Bounty Hunters bundles that can help to unlock faster Bossk, or also Separatist packs with Droids or Genosians, not included in the Hyperdrive bundle. Also you can buy bundles from the Journey Guide, if you join in the ҽvents you can check all the bundles exclusive for these legendary characters, so you can get characters not included in the HB and start to gear them and maybe get fun using them in the challenges, for example you can get the characters needed to unlock Darth Revan, like Fallen Bastila, Juhani, Carth and HK-47, or the characters needed to unlock Jedi Revan, like Jolee, Zaalbar, Mission and T3-M4, but is better wait after buy the HB, because also contains Bastila shards.