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Tips & rules

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1) After purchase the account the most important thing is not reclaim any daily activity to not get level 28 and not join in the arena. In the current first 20 accounts that I did I got level 27, when the best would be get level 25 or 26 to prevent it (in next accounts I will keep a lower level for a better protection), so is needed be careful. In the first 10 accounts that I sold it happened 4 times to people who bought hoard accounts, so it happened a lot of times, almost to half of buyers. There is a high risk specially when you have the habit to join in the account and immediately reclaim all daily activities rewards, if you are playing another account at same time is very risky if you don't check in which account are you playing before reclaim the rewards. To prevent it you can delete the account in your device and only add it again when you want check the progress, like 1 time per week or every 2 weeks. Also you can request me an update and I will send you a screenshot about the roster to check the current status about the farming, and if you want also a screenshot about the current hoarded energy.

2) You don't need do anything in the account until is ready for the arena, so the best you can do is only access to check the progress or request me an update when you want. Is not needed collect energy, because I will do it by myself, I will join in the account anyway to get it, I never miss any free energy, so if you connect only to do that is a waste of time. The best is disable the game notifications to not receive a notification in every new free energy or when a new raid starts. Is not needed buy shipments and check the guild shop, I connect to the game 4 times per day at 12:00, 18:00, 00:00 and 06:00, usualy I connect at 11:30 to check the shipments from 06:00 to 12:00, and usually I connect from 00:00 to 02:00 to check the shipments before sleep, so if you buy shipments is a waste of time, because always I will check it by myself, I never miss any shipments refresh. Everytime that I connect I buy the 4 shipments gears by credits, plus sim tickets if there is enough crystals, and I check the guild shop. In the guild shop is needed follow a concrete strategy to maximize the farming efficiency, so if you buy shipments probably you will harm my own strategy.

3) Don't change the timezone. On settings you can change 2 times per year the timezone for a preferred time to play the arenas, but when you purchase the account I have configured the best times for my hoard activity, to have all hoards in the same timezone and collect the free energy at same time. As you don't need collect energy, because I will continue hoarding until all raid characters are unlocked in all accounts, or until you join in the arena in a new server, is not useful for you in this moment change the timezone, so keep the same timezone until you join in the arena. When you join in the new server arena you can take advantage about it if you are from America, because you can play the arena, get the 500 crystals and then change the timezone and play again the arena, to a later time, and get another 500 crystals, or after complete all daily activities you can change the timezone and few hours later complete them again, by this way get an extra 1.000 experience, but usually is better take advantage about the crystals arena rewards.

4) Don't play raids. I'm applying a concrete damage in every account depending of the current guild currency or the current raid characters shards, the accounts with a lower amount get a better rank than accounts that got a better RNG in last weeks. I try to keep a similar farming moment in all accounts. Also the rank 2 and 3 are sold in this moment, there is 2 players who paid an extra money for these ranks, so they always will be rank 2 and 3 in all raids.

5) Don't share or talk with other persons about the account or my system. To complete raids I'm using hacks to be able to complete them with only 1 account and grant to the hoard accounts the rest of top ranks, without hacks would not be possible get the TOP 15 or TOP 20 in the heroic Sith raid, so the rest of accounts would get a worse rewards and would not be possible to have 50 hoard accounts in the guild at same time. If you talk about my system to other persons there is a risk to be reported and be banned. If it happens you will not get a refund of your money, so the best is keep it secret, don't talk about it on Discord servers, channels, friends, don't talk about it in any other app, forum or platform, don't share screenshots about your roster, your ally code, the guild, the raids and anything, the best is if anybody know about it. If you know somebody interested to purchase a hoard account you can send them my PlayerUp or EpicNPC link where I expain all about them, but don't send any other thing, like screenshots or ally codes.

6) Don't add friends in your allies until you join in the arena. If you did some new friend in the game and you add them in your allies to later be easier to complete nodes, maybe if this guy notice that you are participating in a guild that is cheating on raids he will report you and your account will be permanently banned. Is possible know it tracking the guild currency, if is increased too fast it means is a guild cheating. If you want add some ally you only can add your own accounts, don't add friends. When you join in the arena and you join in another guild there is not any risk to be reported and banned, so at that moment you can add your friends in your allies. If you add some ally that is not part of my accounts I will ask you about it to assure you not added any friend.

7) Don't remove allies that are playing in my asian guilds. I have several accounts as ally to be easier move to another guild to play raids, to send the guild invitations. When you join in the arena I will join in the account a last time to remove all these allies by myself, so you don't need be worried about that. All my accounts will be removed because I need these ally spots for the new hoards, so I cannot keep you in my allies.

8) This is how the raids system works: Currently I have 2 guilds: 1 guilds with a total of 50 tickets accounts that do a total of 30.000 tickets per day, that is the maximum allowed to not reach the weekly limit (210k tickets per raid and week), and then one guild with all the hoards, in a separate guild that is not playing raids. When we get enough tickets I join in the guild, I put 1 hour joining period, to join easier in the raid in all accounts, once finished that hour I get rank 2 and 3 in the accounts that paid for that and then I proceed to complete the raid. One hour later we get the rewards, I join in every account and I leave the guild to be back to hoards guild. If you join in the guild and you check that you are without guild it means I'm moving the accounts to another guild in the following minutes or hours. Don't join any other guild, because there is a limit of 2 switches per day, the first is to join in the tickets account and the second is to be back to the hoards guild. If you see there is an invitation in your inbox you can accept the invitation. Remember is not needed do anything during the raid process, I will do all actions by myself. You can check the top in-game chat message, the announcement, to know the current tickets of every raid in the tickets guild. This message is updated everyday.

9) If you are disconnected when you are inside the account don't try to connect again pressing the "Refresh" button, the best is force to close the game and connect later. If it happens it means I'm connecting to the account to do the hoard activity, so if you refresh I will be forced to refresh again and it will harm my activity. When you connect for first time of the day you can do that, because it happens sometimes if I joined in the account recently, but if it happens while you are navigating inside the game is better force to close the game and play later.

10) I will buy sim tickets until get an amount of 3.200 sim tickets, because is needed an average of 1 ticket per every 10 energy. Once is ready, the account will have 29.000 energy hoarded and you will get an extra 2.000 energy thanks to level ups, so is needed a minimum of 3.100 sim tickets, plus an extra 100 tickets to assure to have enough. At first day will be needed complete all nodes and play all hard nodes 5 times to use the energy and then mostly play nodes of 8 energy, because if you play mostly nodes of 6 energy probably will not be enough sim tickets. Everytime that I get some free crystals I will buy sim tickets. If you put free crystals inside the account anyway will be needed continue buying sim tickets. After get 3.200 sim tickets I will stop to buy them and start to save crystals.

11) You can buy packs and crystals. Every 3 months appears interesting packs to get faster Jedi Knight Revan and Darth Revan, like packs with Bastila and Jolee, Mission and Zaalbar, T3-M4, HK47 and Fallen Bastila, Juhani, Canderous and Carth, etc., that can be useful for the beginning of the game in a new server and to get faster these characters. Also appears nighsisters packs every month and other interesting options, like Bounty Hounters packs, that can help to get Bossk faster, plus other scoundrels that will be good for credist heist and training droids events. Also you can simply buy crystals and buy chromium packs. The Light Side pack is the best, because is where can appear Bastila, Jolee and other characters useful to unlock Jedi Knight Revan, plus rebels that can be good to unlock Palpatine, or other characters that will be useful later, like Resistance, Ewoks, Clones and Phoenix. Only is recommended buy Dark Side chromium packs if you want build a Traya team at the beginning, then you can get Fallen Bastila, Nihilus, Sion, Sith Trooper, plus Empire characters that will be useful to get R2-D2, First Order characters that will be useful to get BB-8, Bounty Hunters that are needed to get OT Chewie, plus Bossk that will be needed for Hound's Tooth ship, nighsisters that are nice for raids, separatist droids that are nice for most parts of the game, Imperial Troopers that are nice for Grad Arena, Territory Wars and Territory Battles, but only is recommended buy Dark Side packs if you want play with a Traya team from the beginning, then is needed Nihilus and Sion for that, with Sith Trooper and Fallen Bastila also very recommended.

12) You can change the in-game name. By default the hoard account has some random name, but you can press on the name, then the pencil icon and put the name that you prefer.