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Characters (Guide)

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This post includes extra info about all characters in alphabetical order, to know when is the best moment to get them or if worth it get them from the beginning. Is a continuation of all strategies explained in the main hoard accounts post, so mostly will not include things already said there.


► Included in the Hoard account at 7 stars:

Colonel Starck

► Included in the Hoard account, continue farming in the Guild Store:

Barriss Offee

► Included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, but farm from the beginning:

Admiral Ackbar
Ahsoka Tano
Bastila Shan
Biggs Darklighter
Boba Fett
Cad Bane
Cassian Andor

► Not included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, farm from the beginning:

Aayla Secura
Aurra Sing
Bastila Shan (Fallen)

► Not included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, farm 1 month later:

Canderous Ordo

► Included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, but farm 3-5 months later:

Asajj Ventress
Count Dooku

► Not included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, farm 3-5 months later:

Chief Chirpa

► Included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, but farm 8-12 months later:

Baze Malbus
Chirrut Îmwe
Clone Sergeant - Phase I

► Not included in the HB, farm 8-12 months later:

Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
Amilyn Holdo
ARC Trooper
B1 Battle Droid
B2 Super Battle Droid
Captain Han Solo

► Not farmable

Cara Dune

► Included in the HB, but not useful, never farm:

CC-2224 "Cody"

► Not included in the HB and not useful, never farm:

Bodhi Rook
Chief Nebit
Clone Wars Chewbacca
Coruscant Underworld Police


Aayla Secura: Is a good option for Jedi teams in Grand Arena Championship (GAC), specially with Bastila, because the Bastila unique give 60% extra counter chance, which added up with the 65% counter chance of the Aayla's unique it means that has 100% chance to counter and deals 50% extra damage when counter, with 35% chance to call an ally to assist when she uses the basic, with 50% extra damage if the assist is a Jedi, and stun the target if the hit is a critical hit, so has very good synergy inside a Bastila team. Once you get Jedi Knight Revan (JKR) you can use Bastila with Ezra and Aayla, if is 3 vs 3, adding Jolee and Old Ben or Kanan, if is 5 vs 5, and then save Yoda for the JKR team in another team, like with Ahsoka, Anakin and General Kenobi (GK). Also is possible use GK as leader and then use Barriss istead of JKR, if has the zeta applied. With Bastila, GK and JKR you can make 3 different jedi teams if you have enough dps in every team. Anakin, Ahsoka, Barriss and GK are a good synergy for enough dps, JKR and Yoda are enough for another team, there you can add Old Ben and, if is needed, Mission and Zaalbar, or Qui-Gon Jin and Mace Windu, so Aayla helps a lot the Bastila team to get enough dps, because sometimes only with Ezra is not enough, specially in 5 vs 5, but with Aayla, Jolee and Kanan will be enough. Aayla is not included in the Hyperdrive Bundle (HB), but is easily farmable in the Guild Store and Cantina (5-B), I recommend farm her always you have enough good margin of Guild currency, like +5.000 currency.

Admiral Ackbar: Is the best capital ship at the beginning, specially if you plan get fast the Han's Millennium Falcon (HMF), farming Bossk and the Hound's Tooth from the beginning, at leat 3 refreshes per day and, maybe, buying some shards in shipments to get them faster. Then you can start using a Rebel fleet team with Biggs, Phantom II and Ghost, all included in the Hyperdrive Bundle, with Ahsoka and Boba as reinforcements, or with Ahsoka in the main fleet and Phantom II in the first reinforcement, but usually the Phantom II is better to grant the Biggs taunt at the beginning. Once you get Hound's Tooth you can replace Biggs and save him until you get the HMF. After unlock the HMF you can use Biggs again in the main fleet, with Hound's Tooth and HMF, with Phantom II and Ghost as reinforcements, also Cassian if you have been farming the ship, in the Hyperdrive Bundle is included Cassian, Jyn and K2-SO, but is not included the Cassian's U-wing, anyway you can farm the ship easily in the Cantina Store, with all the Hoarded Cantina Energy you will get a lot of Cantina Store currency, which you can spend to farm Ahsoka and Cassian's U-wing at same time. Ackbar is a good character in Grand Arena, can be used with some Rebels in some easy battles, like with Han Solo, Stormtrooper Han, Biggs and Wedge, with Wedge as leader, or use 2 different Rebel teams with Ackbar as leader in one team, with Han Solo, Old Ben, Leia and Luke, for example, using Wedge and Biggs with Lando and Stormtrooper Han, usually with these 4 is enough, and then a last Rebel team with Jyn, Cassian, K2-SO, Chirrut and Baze, so thanks to Ackbar you have 3 good options for Rebel teams. You can make him 7 stars farming him from the beginning in the Arena Store, or first make Stormtrooper Han and Leia 7 stars to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS), which probably is a better option. To unlock CLS also is needed 7 stars R2-D2, Old Ben and Farmboy Luke. Is included in the HB. Also is farmable in the Guild Events Store, so you can farm him only there.

Ahsoka Tano: Is an essential character at the beginning of a new Hoard account, unless you buy JKR packs, then is better use JKR, Bastila, Jolee, GK and Yoda, and specially if you also plan get fast Bossk and Hound's Tooth to unlock the HMF as soon as possible and use a Rebel team in Fleet Arena, then Ahsoka will be less needed in both arenas and you can invest better the Cantina Store currency to improve your Rebel ships, like Cassian, Chopper (Phantom II) and Boba (to promote OT Chewbacca to 6 and 7 stars), plus Bistan. If you plan start with a General Kenobi team, then the best is maximize Ahsoka for the Squad arena and Fleet Arena, putting the zeta from first day and try to get gear 12, gear 13 and start to put Relics and 6 dot mods. With Yoda, will be your best attacker at the beginning, sometimes better than Yoda, because of all the Galactic Republic sinergies, specially if Anakin and GK are allies. If is maxed, is a ship very fast (198 speed) which do a lot of damage with the special, can do around 150k damage, will grant kill some ship at the beginning and will make your fleet team very hard to defeat. Is included in the HB. Is farmable in the Cantina Store. If you are interested to make your Yoda 7 stars as soon as possible, if your Hoard account is 1 round of hoarding, the best would be do 2 Cantina Store refreshes per day and get 30 Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn shards per day, by this way with only 6 days both will be 7 stars. Then, farming Ezra, Old Ben and Barriss with the Hoarded Cantina Energy, the Guild Store (Old Ben and Barriss) and the Hard Battles (Barriss), you will be ready to promote Yoda to 7 stars at the end of the first week and you will have 2 very good attackers that will grant your domination in Squad Arena (Ahsoka and Yoda) and Fleet Arena (Ahsoka). Her ship is farmable in the Galactic War Store and the Guild Events Store.

Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum): Is a good attacker, specially in teams with a lot of buff, could be good inside a Bastila team also, or with Han Solo and Leia also works well, also not bad in a Wedge or Jyn team, but only is farmable in the Fleet Store, where is better farm zetas and omegas at the beginning, plus finish faster some characters that are more needed, like Ezra, TIE Fighter, Geonosian Soldier, Geonosian Spy, Sun Fac, Darth Vader, Biggs, Ahsoka, Ackbar, Wedge and Chirrut, plus Bistan and Scarif Rebel Pathfinder (SRP) if you plan use the HMF soon, and also to finish faster some ships, like Phantom II, Ghost, Boba, Vader, Biggs, Ahsoka, Sun Fac, Geonosian Soldier, Geonosian Spy and Bistan ships, also probably is more interesting farm Darth Maul and Scimitar, or finish Rex, Echo and Fives, plus their ships, or finish Tarkin, Mace Windu, TIE Fighter ship, farm Grievous and much more other interesting things than farm Fulcrum Ahsoka. Is not included in the HB, so I not recommend farm this character until you already farmed all the other interesting things, probably will delay between 6 months and 1 year to be enough interesting start to farm her.

Amilyn Holdo: Is a good character for Resistance teams, in the HB is not included Holdo, but is included Finn, Poe, Resistance Trooper, Resistance Pilot and Scavenger Rey, so would not be a bad tank, but the Resistance team is not very good in any part of the game at the beginning, only they will become better when you unlock Jedi Training Rey (JTR), but will delay a bit unlock her, because is needed BB-8, so first is needed 5 First Order characters at 7 stars, and is needed finish Finn, Scavenger Rey, Veteran Han and Veteran Chewbacca to 7 stars, the last 2 are hard to farm, because are 12 energy battles, only available in Cantina, Finn and Scavenge Rey appear in Guild Store, plus also Hard Battles, so are easier to farm, but is hard finish the veterans and the First Order characters, like Unmasked Kylo Ren, Executioner, Kylo Ren, Phasma and First Order Officer (FOO), all included in the HB at 5 stars, is a lot of Cantina farming, where is better start farming other things, so will delay several months, maybe around half year, to be interesting start to farm the characters needed to unlock JTR and start to farm Holdo in her Hard Battle.

ARC Trooper: Will be a good character when you can unlock General Anakin Skywalker (GAS), but until then is not needed farm him, because the Clone teams only are good with Shaak Ti or GAS as leader, to make good a Clone team with Rex or Cody as leader is needed spend a lot of resources, not worth it. Also ARC Trooper is not included in the HB, so would be a waste farm him at the beginning in the Cantina Battles. To get GAS is needed the Anakin ship, the Windu capital ship and 3 other Galactic Republic Ships (like Ahsoka, Fives and Plo Koon), all at 40.000 GP as minimum. Then is needed 7 stars and 17.700 GP as minimum on Ahsoka, C-3PO, GK, Padmé, Shaak Ti, Asajj, B1, B2, Droideka and IG-100, so will delay a lot of time get all these characters, because to get C-3PO is needed 5 Ewoks at 7 stars, to get 7* Padme is needed 5 separatist at 7 stars, Shaak Ti only is farmable in the 5-A Fleet Hard Battle and B1 in the 5-B Fleet Hard Battle, so unless you focus all your efforts from the beginning to get these characters will delay a lot get him, so better wait until you are close to unlock GAS to start to farm ARC Trooper, which is good with the other 501st characters (Rex, Fives and Echo).

Asajj Ventress: Is a needed character for a Nightsisters team, already is included in the HB. Is farmable in the Arena Store. There are other better farmings at the beginning in the Arena Store, like Stormtrooper Han and Leia for CLS, Ackbar to improve the capital ship, IG-88 to promote OT Chewbacca to 6 and 7 stars, Cassian and Kanan to improve the Rebel ships, Tarkin to get 7 stars R2-D2 for CLS, and when you finish to farm all these characters probably also you need start to farm HK-47 to get Darth Revan, so will delay some months to be interesting farm Asajj, but is not bad option improve her gear levels always you have enough resources, to improve the Nightsisters team, which could be good in Grand Arena from the beginning. Also is an option if you want get Padme and you not have enough shards of some Genosian, but usually you will get all Genosians at same shards at same time. Later will be needed 7 stars Asajj to get GAS.

Aurra Sing: Is one of the easiest ways in the Bounty Hunters leader abilty to activate the contracts, because only is needed use 10 times some ability, so is a good option with The Mandalorian to Desintegrate characters very fast, but will be needed some defensive characters to arrive at that moment, like use Bossk as tank or use Greef Karga to recover health and protection. Is not included in the HB, but unlocks at 2 stars, so is not a bad option get her at the beginning if you also get The Mandalorian. If gets killed is not very important, the important thing is keep The Mandalorian alive. In a 5 vs 5 Gran Arena battle could be a good option with The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Cara Dune and some other Bounty Hunter which you not use in the Bossk team, like if you use Boba, Jango, Dengar and Cad Bane with Bossk, then maybe you can use IG-88 or Zam with Aurra and the Mandalorians. Is a good Grand Arena team to work on it because is not needed invest a lot of resources.

B1 Battle Droid: Is a very good character in a Grievous team, but only is farmable in the 5-B Fleet Hard Battle, so is hard to get. Is not included in the HB. Later will needed to get GAS. As to make an enough good Grievous team is needed get on him gear 13 and put Relics, plus an enough good B1, B2, IG-100 and Droideka, in the Fleet Hard Battles is better farm other characters at the beginning, like Bastila, Jolee and Zaalbar for Jedi Revan, the Anakin ship, the Boba ship to improve the HMF to 6 and 7 stars, later Carth for Darth Revan, Sion to use with Traya against Geonosian teams in Grand Arena, the Bistan ship also is an interesting option, and probably also is better farm Shaak Ti before start B1, so will delay a bit to have enough energy to farm him.

B2 Super Battle Droid: Is not included in the HB, but is farmable in the Guild Store, so you can farm him always you have at least +5.000 currency, because later will be needed for a Grievous team, so could be a slow farm, but you have enough time until you are ready to farm and gear a Grievous team.

Barriss Offee: Is a very good option in an initial General Kenobi team, with Ahsoka, Anakin and Yoda. If you put the zeta at first day, the GK team will be very hard to defeat by the opponents thanks to the heavy Barriss healing. Later will continue being a very good option for a Padme team, specially on offense in Grand Arena, because you can use a Padme team with GK, Ahsoka, Anakin and Barriss and save Yoda for a JKR team with Bastila, Jolee and Old Ben, for example, or a JKR team with only JKR, Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn, to get some extra banners, and the another team with Bastila, Jolee, Ezra, Aayla and Old Ben. Thanks to Barriss you can make 3 good teams in a combination of Jedis and Galactic Republic characters. Is not included in the HB, but I farmed her in all accounts, because is a good option to get Yoda to 7 stars as soon as possible and to use in a GK team as initial team, and later in a Padme team, so the Hoard account will have Barriss at least halfway to 6 stars, you can finish her with the Hoarded Cantina Energy and get 7 stars from first day. Is possible simply get 6 stars and some shards, like 40 or 50 shards of last 100 shards for 7 stars, and get the rest of shards in the Guild Store and playing daily the 2 Hard Battles, the 5-C and 5-E Dark Side Hard Battles, by this way get Ahsoka, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ezra, Old Ben and Barriss to 7 stars at same time, while you farm Ahsoka and Qui-Gon Jinn in the Cantina Store, by this way you save some Cantina energy to use in other farmings, like get 6 stars Ezra and also some shards, like 30 or 40 shards of last 100, to later finish him in the Fleet Store and Guild Events Store, plus Old Ben, to like 70/100 shards, to finish him with the Guild Store, and then use the rest of energy to finish Anakin and start to farm the Geonosians or other interesting characters, like Mission and T3-M4, to get JKR.

Bastila Shan: Is included in the HB, at 5 stars. You need finish her as soon as possible to get Jedi Knight Revan, so is needed play the 5-B Dark Side Hard Battle and the 2-D Fleet Hard Battle everyday, doing 1 refresh on each by 25 crystals everyday, to get at least 6,66 shards per day. Thanks to the Hoard account you will get 900 full crystals everyday by the Squad and Fleet arenas, it will help you get as soon as possible JKR without spend any extra money. Doing 3 Cantina refreshes per day you will have 525 Cantina energy per day, so you need 30 days to get Mission to 7 stars and 22 days to get T3-M4 to 7 stars, also to farm Jolee and Zaalbar to 7 stars is needed 1 month doing 3 Hard Battles refreshes per day in both battes (Normal Hard Battles and Fleet Hard Battles), to get Bastila from 5 to 7 stars is enough with 1 Normal Hard Battle and 1 Fleet Hard Battle, 10 battles per day would be 3,33 shards per day as average, so 55 days, so when you get T3-M4 to 7 stars at same time you will get Bastila to 7 stars, without be needed spend extra crystals. It would be 600 crystals everyday, 300 for the 3 Cantina refreshes and 300 for the Hard Battles refreshes. Also you can plan use all the Hoarded Cantina Energy on Mission, then you can get around 160 shards by this way, it will reduce to only 16 days to get 7 stars Mission, plus the 22 days for T3-M4 would be 38 days, then to get Bastila to 7 stars enough fast only would be needed 1 refresh in one of the 2 Hard Battles, to play 15 battles per day, it would be 37 days for 7 stars. If you use this strategy you will get Jedi Knight Revan with only 1 month and 1 week. After that you can start to work on the characters needed to unlock Darth Revan, by this way also you will be able to get Darth Malak soon.

Bastila Shan (Fallen): Is not included in the HB, is needed farm her in the 7-A Dark Side Hard Battle, to get Darth Revan. Also will be needed Juhani, Carth, Canderous and HK-47. The best is first of all get Jedi Revan, because is better than Darth Revan until you get Darth Malak, in a comparison with the same gear levels. After get Darth Malak, the Darth Revan team is better than the Jedi Revan team. To get Darth Malak is needed both Revans, so better start getting Jedi Revan, to assure a good rank in the Squad Arena and not drop in the leaderboard during the day. Fallen Bastila is a very good character in any Sith team, while you get Darth Revan you can use her with Palpatine, will be very good if is enough fast and if Palpatine has the zeta in the leader ability, then will be a very good team for Grand Arena. If you plan get Jedi Knight Revan with only 1 month and 1 week and Darth Revan with another month, then you can do 2 Hard Battles refreshes everyday on the Fallen Bastila Hard Battle, by this way get 5 shards per day as average, which is 66 days for 7 stars. Would be neded do the same in the Juhani and Carth Hard Battles, the total crystals spending in Hard Battles refreshes would be 600 crystals, plus 300 on Cantina refreshes would be 900 crystals. Still you would have 100 crystals, thanks to the daily activities rewards, to do another 2 refreshes in the Bossk Hard Battles. You will have around 3.500 crystals hoarded from the beginning, I recommend use these crystals from first day to start to do these Hard Battles refreshes and start to buy Cantina refreshes, using the Normal Hoarded Energy only to play Hard Battles. Save the rest of crystals to buy Normal Energy refreshes when all the Hoarded Energy is spent. In the Canderous Cantina Battle, with 525 energy per day, would be 14,58 shards per day, so 23 days for 7 stars, probably will be the first to get 7 stars. If you apply this strategy you will have Jedi Knight Revan and Darth Revan with only 2 months and 1 week, and soon also Darth Malak as soon than you get the required Galactic Power (17.500 GP) on Bastila, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, Fallen Bastila, Carth, Canderous and HK-47.

Baze Malbus: Has very good synergy with Chirrut, both work well in Rebel teams, specially in a Wedge or Jyn lead team. To be enough good in a Jyn team would be needed the zeta on the Jyn leader ability, because then they recover 5% protection when they get a buff, and Chirrut give a heal over time (HOT) for 2 turns when they receive a critical hit, so if Baze has 40.000 protection, for every critical hit recovers 2.000 protection, and then at the start of every turn of any character of the battle, they recover 4% of their max health, so if Baze has 80.000 health will recover 4.000 HP in every ally or enemy turn, plus when is his next turn will be applied all the heals over time, which are 10% HP recovery each, so if got 5 HOT will recover 50% HP, which could be like 40.000 HP recovery or more. While Chirrut is active, Baze gains +17% Counter Chance and Health Steal for each living enemy, doubled for Empire enemies, so also recovers a lot of HP when attacks, specially when uses the specials, usually at the end of his turn he is at 100% of HP again. Is included in the HB, also Chirrut is included. To continue farming him only is available in the 9-C Light Side Hard Battle, so is not a priority farm him at the beginning, is better keep him at 5 stars until you finished enough good characters in the Hard Battles.

BB-8: Basically only is good with Jedi Training Rey. As I said in the Amilyn Holdo tips, delays some time farm all First Order characters needed to unlock BB-8, like Unmasked Kylo Ren, Executioner, First Order Officer, Phasma and Kylo Ren, if you focus to get all of them to 7 stars can be done very fast, but would not be a good strategy, because at the end BB-8 without JTR would be useless, only would be good when you finish to farm Finn, Scavenger Rey, Veteran Han and Veteran Chewie, so would be needed get 925 Cantina shards to finish all the Cantina characters, while you farm Phasma in GW Store, FOO in Cantina Store and Finn and Scavenger Rey in Guild Store and Hard Battles, so probably will delay around half year to start to be a good strategy start to farm the needed characters and like 8 months to unlock BB-8 and JTR..

Biggs Darklighter: One of the most important characters for Fleet Arena if you plan use a Rebel team with the Han's Millennium Falcon as soon as possible, doing a heavy farming on Bossk and Hound's Tooth from the beginning. Also you can use Biggs from the beginning at first day with Phantom II and Ghost, is a good beginning fleet team, with Boba and Ahsoka and reinforcements, for example. Is included in the HB. Also is included Wedge, so if you improve a little Wedge, for example at gear 9 or 10, will be a good team for Grand Arena, works well with Lando, Stormtrooper Han and R2-D2 or Leia, also with Chirrut and Baze if you not use them in a Jyn lead team. Is farmable in the Galactic War Store and the Guild Events Store, but as is easy to farm in the GW Store not worth it spend currency for him in the Guild Events Store. His ship is farmable in the GW Store and the Fleet Store.

Bistan: Basically only is useful for Fleet Arena, with Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, to unlock the Bistan's U-wing, which is a very good ship with Biggs and Han's Millennium Falcon, because with the initial special inflict Target Lock on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted, so assure activate the Biggs taunt, and Bistan's U-wing gains Stealth for 2 turns and 30% Turn Meter, so the only way for the enemy will be attack Biggs, because the HMF will have damage inmunity and Bistan will be stealthed. This ship has +25% speed thanks to the unique ability, so the 161 speed at Relic 7 is 201 speed, which makes the Bistan ship the most fast ship in the game. Also whenever an enemy becomes Target Locked, another random ally gains 35% Turn Meter and Advantage for 2 turns, this is good for more Biggs and HMF turns, it means more Target Locks and more Protection Recovery for Biggs. One of this ships (HMF or Biggs) also will play faster than any other enemy ship, thanks to this turn meter gain, because both also are fast ships. Also while Bistan's U-wing is active, whenever an ally scores a finishing blow, that ally gains 15% Turn Meter. If that ally is a Rebel, Bistan's U-wing also gains that much Turn Meter. Is a ship with a very good synergy with Biggs and HMF, you can defeat all fleet teams with these 3 ships. Then you can use Phantom II as first reinforcement, Ghost as second and Cassian as third, or Hound's Tooth as third and Cassian as last, for if is needed at the end. Is not included in the HB, neither the ship, but is needed farm him and Scarif Rebel Pathfinder from the begining in the Cantina Store and the Guild Events Store if you want be ready to use the Bistan's U-wing when you unlock the HFM. Also will be needed farm the Bistan's U-wing in the Fleet Store, in the 2-C Fleet Hard Battle and the Guild Events Store.

Boba Fett: Is an important character to unlock OT Chewie, who is needed for the HMF, OT Chewie also is a good character for Grand Arena with Han Solo and CLS and can be used in a Bossk zeta lead team if are better than the 2 weakest Bounty Hunters. Boba also has a good ship, needed to unlock the HMF, the character and the ship are included in the HB, is a good reinforcement at the beginning. Boba is a good character to improve the Bounty Hunters team, can get a lot of damage, specially with the Execute ability, which is nice against Nightsisters to prevent resurrections, or against teams with a lot of buff, like teams with Yoda or Chirrut. Is needed finish him to 7 stars from the beginning to promote OT Chewie to 7 stars as soon as possible. Appears in the Cantina Store, the Fleet Store and has 2 Hard Battles, so is easy to farm. His ship appears in the Fleet Store and has a Fleet Hard Battle (2-B).

Bodhi Rook: Is an useless character in this moment, not included in the HB, so better never farm him. Characters like this is better keep them without unlock or at level 1 and minimum stars, without promote them if you get enough shards, by this way your Galactic Power will be lower and your enemies in Grand Arena, which are based in the Galactic Power, will be easier.

Bossk: Is a very important character in the game, needed to get the Han's Millennium Falcon, because is needed for the Hound's Tooth, a Bounty Hunter ship, which is very useful in the Fleet Arena, probably the best ship of the game. Also is a very good character for Grand Arena if you put both zetas, or at least the leader ability zeta, must be one of the first zetas that you put, to help you to unlock easier OT Chewbacca, and later to promote OT Chewie to 6 and 7 stars when you finish to farm the Bounty Hunters, plus to be a good team, usually is a good team on defense, because is a team which recovers HP and protection constantly, so they can defeat several teams on defense, or also can be used on offense to assure get almost all banners on that battle. Is not included in the HB, so is needed farm him and the Hound's Tooth everyday, doing at least 2 refreshes by 25 and 50 crystals, also worth it a third refresh by 100 crystals because you will have a lot of Normal Hoarded Energy at the beginning, will not be needed buy energy refreshes, so you will have enough energy to simulate 20 battles per day at get an average of 6,67 shards per day, so to get Bossk and Hound's Tooth to 5 stars (145 sharsd) only will be needed 22 days, from then you can start to use the HMF, could be less if you buy shards by crystals, every Bossk shard cost 80 crystals, every Hound's Tooth blueprint cost 100 crystals, so every 1.200 crystals you can accelerate 1 day the farming of the character and ship, with 12.000 crystals you would be able to get the HMF with only 12 days.

C-3PO: Is a good character in a Padme team. If you plan farm the Geonosians from the beginning to unlock her and use with General Kenobi, Anakin, Ahsoka and Barriss or Yoda, then you can use the hoarded Guild currency to farm Logray, Paploo and Ewok Elder in the Guild Store, farm Chirpa in Cantina and Teebo in the Galactic War Store, then you can use C-3PO instead of Barriss or Yoda. Anyway, is not a priority at the beginning, because is better use the Galactic War currency to farm Biggs, Cad Bane, Zeb and K-2SO, plus ships like Biggs, Ahsoka, Fives, also the Geonosians if you plan farm them at the beginning, and also there are priority characters to farm in Cantina than Chirpa, like Mission and T3-M4 for Jedi Knight Revan, Scarif Rebel Pathfinder for the Bistan's ship, the Geonosians (Brood Alpha, Geonosian Spy and Geonosian Soldier) to previously get Padme, Canderous for Darth Revan, finish Luke and Old Ben for CLS, finish KRU and Executioner for BB-8, plus finish Anakin, Barriss and Ezra, but after it you can start to farm Teebo to get C-3PO. Also you can farm Scarif Rebel Pathfinder, Geonosian Spy and Geonosian Soldier only in the Fleet Store, plus SRP in the Guild Events Store, finish Luke, Old Ben and Barriss only in the Guild Store, plus finish Ezra only in the Fleet Store and the Guild Events Store, by this way before Chirpa only is needed farm there Mission, T3-M4, Canderous and Brood Alpha, plus finish Anakin. After Chirpa you can finish KRU and Executioner.

Cad Bane: Is very good for Bounty Hunters teams, has very good dps (damage per segond), has 65% chance to attack 2 times with the basic, inflict accuracy down for 2 turns each time, so helps to recover heal and protection in a Bossk lead team, and also gains 15% turn meter per every critical hit, most of times his hits will be critical, because thanks to the unique has +30% Critical Chance and +30% Critical Damage. When Cad Bane inflicts a debuff, he recovers 5% Max Health and 5% Max Protection. When Cad Bane scores a Critical Hit, he has a 50% chance to reduce his cooldowns by 1. With the special, which cannot be evaded, dispels all buff, stuns the target enemy and remove 50% turn meter, or 100% if is Jedi, plus if the target is debuffed, remove 25% of the Max Protection (stacking). Also has a good ship, the Xanadu Blood, that keeps stealthed most of time if is in the line-up, Xanadu gains Stealth for 1 turn at the start of the encounter and whenever another Scoundrel ally suffers a Critical Hit. Bounty Hunter allies deal bonus damage equal to 10% of the target’s Max Health when damaging Breached enemies. While Xanadu Blood is active, Breached enemies have -25% Offense. Also has a good reinforcement ability that works well with Hound's Tooth, inflict Breach on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted. Additionally, inflict Defense Down on all enemies for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded. Grant all Scoundrel allies Retribution for 2 turns. Is included in the HB with the ship. Is needed continue farming him in the Galactic War Store, maybe the best strategy is first finish Biggs and, once finished, farm Cad Bane.

Canderous Ordo: Needed to unlock Darth Revan. Not included in the HB. Once finished Mission and T3-M4 for Jedi Knight Revan, you can start to farm Canderous, which is the only needed character for Darth Revan farmable on Cantina. If you use the 525 daily cantina energy (360 from refreshes, 120 daily free energy and 45 free energy), you can get Canderous to 7 stars with only 23 days, so enough fast while you farm Fallen Bastila, Carth and Juhani in the Hard Battles, playing 15 battles per day on each, to get 5 shards per day as average, which is 66 days to get 7 stars, so when you finish to farm Mission and Zaalbar (16 + 22 days), and you finish to farm Canderous (22 days), you will be in the day 60, so Fallen Bastila, Carth and Juhani will be at 70/100 to get 7 stars.

Captain Han Solo: Only useful to get Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, so will delay a lot of time will be useful start to farm him, because to unlock JKLS is needed Gear 13 Relic 3 on Wampa and Hermit Yoda, only farmable on Guild Events Store, plus Rebel Officer Leia Organa, only available in the Territory Battles special misions, and C-3PO, also not easy to get, because to get 7 stars is needed 5 Ewoks at 7 stars and a good gear level. Is not included in the HB. After get all the initial Legendary characters easier to get you can plan start to work on the JKLS characters, will delay around 1 year.

Captain Phasma: Is included in the HB, so is a good option to get BB-8, who later will be needed to get Jedi Training Rey. If you plan get Jedi Revan and Darth Revan with 2 months, you can start to work on the JTR characters after it, because is one of best next characters to improve your roster. Also you can plan start to work on Geonosians after it, farming Brood Alpha, Genosian Spy and Geonosian Soldier in Cantina, by this way unlock Padme. Another option is finish Old Ben and Farmboy Luke to get Commander Luke Skywalker, but the best is finish them with the Guild Store, while you finish Stormtrooper Han and Leia in the Arena Store. In this case would be needed R2-D2 at 7 stars, so you need 5 Empire character, could be Vader, Palpatine (who you can get with Old Ben, Luke, Leia, Stormtrooper Han and Biggs, or also including Han Solo there if is at 7 stars and Ackbar if you farmed him), Starck, TIE Fighter and Tarkin. In the Galactic War Store there is other more interesting things to farm at the beginning, like Biggs, Cad Bane and Zeb, plus the ships, but as all are included in the HB soon you will be able to finish Phasma also. The best is continue buying Kylo Ren, Finn and Scavenger Rey shards in the Guild Store, plus Finn and Scavenger Rey in the Hard Battles once finished the Jedi Revan and Darth Revan characters, First Order Officer in the Cantina Store and if you see that the most fast to get is JTR go for KRU and Executioner in Cantina and meanwhile finish Phasma, by this way you will have another good team for Grand Arena, with JTR, BB-8, Scavenger Rey, Resistante Trooper and Finn, for example. Probably is a better strategy get a Resistance team before the Geonosian team, because the Geonosians are not included in the HB, you only will have Sun Fac thanks to the Hoard account, and any of their ships are included, so better first finish JTR, by this way also you will improve your First Order team, which is another good team for Grand Arena, and after it probably also the best is finish the CLS characters and then yes start to farm the Geonosians.

Cara Dune: Is not a bad character for Bounty Hunter teams, thanks to the AoE special, with a low cooldown (2 turns), could be a good addition in teams where to get the contract is needed attack debuffed enemies, because then attack 5 times if plays after Jango and Boba, for example, then works well with AoE characters like Dengar and IG-88, but usually these characters are used in a Bossk lead team, specially at the beginning when you not have a lot ot Bounty Hunters to make 2 teams of 5 members each, when you have Aurra, Zam, Greedo, Greef Karga, The Mandalorian, maybe you can build a team for offense, maybe with Aurra as leader, to get fast the contract and activate the Desintegrate ability on The Mandalorian, by this way defeat very fast teams with tanky characters, like First Order teams with KRU as leader, Bossk teams, GK teams with zeta Barriss, and others. Is not included in the HB and currently still is not farmable, so for now the best is not farm her, I will edit these tips when we know where is farmable for F2P.

Carth Onasi: Is needed to unlock Darth Revan, so is needed farm him in the 2-E Fleet Hard Battle from the beginning, doing 2 refreshes per day, by this way play 15 battles per day and get an average of 5 shards per day, which is 66 days to get the 7 stars, if you want be sure unlock Dart Revan with only 2 months and 1 week. Is not included in the HB. Also is a good leader for the Old Republic characters, works well with Mission, Zaalbar, Canderous and Juhani, works well as leader to unlock Darth Revan and as a defensive team for Grand Arena.

Cassian Andor: Is a good option for a Jyn zeta lead team, with Chirrut, Baze and K2-SO, could be a good team for Grand Arena and Light Side Battles in Territory Battles and for Territory Wars, all are included in the HB. The best utility for Cassian is the Cassian's U-wing, with Jyn and K2-SO, which is a very good ship for a Rebel team with Han's Millennium Falcon, Biggs and other Rebel ships like Bistan's U-wing, Phantom II, Ghost and Wedge Antilles's X-wing. Is a ship that dispels all buff on the enemies and with the special deal Special damage to target enemy and call target ally to Assist. Both attackers have an additional 30% Critical Damage. If the assisting ally is a Rebel, these attacks are guaranteed to be Critical Hits. So you can call the HMF, which will call another Rebel ally, with 50% chance to call the HMF again, so will be 3 or 4 hits, very useful to kill some ship. Also has a good unique ability, Cassian's U-wing has +60% Counter Chance. While Cassian's U-wing is active, all allies have +25% Critical Avoidance and +25% Defense when attacked by Target Locked enemies. These bonuses are doubled for Rebel allies. The other special also is nice, dispels all debuffs on target ally and grant them and Cassian's U-wing Stealth for 3 turns. If any debuffs were Dispelled, Cassian's U-wing and target ally gain 25% Turn Meter, doubled if target ally is Rebel. Is farmable in the Arena Store and Guild Events Store. In the Arena Store there is better things to farm at the beginning, like HK-47 for Darth Revan, IG-88 for OT Chewie, Ackbar to improve the capital Rebel ship, Tarkin for R2-D2, needed for CLS, and Stormtrooper Han and Leia to unlock CLS. After finish to farm all these characters would be a good option finish Cassian, before finish Kanan, because the Cassian ship will be more important than the Ghost ship (Kanan, Hera and Zeb). You can start to farm him from the beginning in the Guild Events Store, not as priority, but yes sometimes, and later continue farming in the Arena Store. His ship is not included in the HB, but is easy to farm, is the only ship available in the Cantina Store, so you can make this ship 7 stars very fast, farming it from the beginning, at same time than you farm Ahsoka, also the ship appears in the Guild Events Store.

CC-2224 "Cody": Is not a very good option currently, because is not part of the 501st faction, only is Clone Trooper, so the only way where can be useful is in a 3 vs 3 Grand Arena battle, if one team is with Rex, Fives and Echo, the other team could be with Cody as leader, Clone Sergeant and ARC Trooper, but when you get ARC Trooper also you will have Shaak Ti, who would be a better leader, so at the end is not very useful character. As already is included in the HB, the best is not farm him and keep him at 5 stars and gear 8, maybe you can put mods, but nothing more. Maybe when you get General Anakin Skywalker, in 5 vs 5 Grand Arenas, you can use Ahsoka with GAS, with Fives, Rex and Echo, and make another team with Shaak Ti, Cody, Clone Sergeant and ARC Trooper, or also Anakin and General Kenobi have Clone advantages in the leader ability or they can be use with some other character, so would not be a bad option, but until then would not be useful farm and gear him.

Chewbacca: One of the most important characters at the beginnig, because is a good character with Han Solo, usually used with CLS, but also is good with Stormtrooper Han as leader, for example, or to add him and Han Solo in a Bossk lead team. Is needed for the Han's Millennium Falcon, so the best is get the Bounty Hunters to 7 stars as soon as possible. In the Hoard account is included Dengar at 7 stars, then in the HB is included Boba, Cad Bane, IG-88 and Greedo. As you need farm the Hound's Tooth to unlock the HMF, also you will get Jango at same time in the 8-D Light Side Hard Battle, so you can skip farm Greedo, who is less good in a Bossk lead team, and only farm IG-88 in the Arena Store, who is better because also has a ship. Greedo only will be useful to unlock OT Chewie to 5 stars, from then is better only farm IG-88. Then farm Boba in the Cantina Store, Fleet Store and Hard Battles, Cad Bane in the Galactic War Store and Bossk in the 9-B Dark Side Hard Battle, doing 2 refreshes per day (by 25 and 50 crystals) in the Bossk and Hound's Tooth Hard Battles, by this way, getting 5 shards per day as average, you will have 7 stars Chewbacca and 7 stars Han's Millennium Falcon in only 66 days and you will be able to use the Han's Millennium Falcon with only 29 days, could be less if you spend money to buy crystals to purchase Hound's Tooth blueprints, every blueprint cost 100 crystals, so every 500 crystals you would save 1 day. In the HB is included the Boba, Cad Bane and IG-88 ships at 5 stars, so playing 10 battles per day will be enough to be at same farming time than the Hound's Tooth, with 1 refresh by 25 crystals will be enough, is not needed do the second refresh by 50 crystals, better save the crystals to get the Jedi Revan and Darth Revan characters.

Chief Chirpa: Useful to get C-3PO, who is nice for a Padme team, and as leader in a Ewok team, which is not bad in Grand Arena. Is not included in the HB, farmable in the 5-D Cantina Battle. As I said in the C-3PO tips, before Chirpa is better use the Cantina energy to farm Mission and T3-M4 to get Jedi Revan, Canderous to get Darth Revan, Brood Alpha to get Padme and for a Geonosian team, plus finish Anakin for the Padme team or a GK team meanwhile, furthermore for ships. After Chirpa you can finish KRU and Executioner to get BB-8, needed for JTR. Will delay around 3 months to be a good moment to start to farm Chirpa.

Chief Nebit: The Jawas are not very useful in the game in this moment. Only are useful against Geonosians thanks to the Jawa Scavenger detonators that are applied when a Jawa receive damage, there is a 80% chance to inflict 2 Thermal Detonators for 2 turns, so, as the Geonosians are assisting all the time, they get a lot of detonators and are automatically defeated. The bad thing is that is needed enough good gear levels to be applied enough detonators, also is needed a fast Jawa Scavenger or Jawa Engineer to keep Jawa Scavenger stealthed, but when is the Brood Alpha turn will dispel all buff on the Jawas, so sometimes is random the victory, depending of when is killed Jawa Scavenger, if is the weakest probably will be targetered first. Also is you are lucky and you get the victory, probably you will lose 3 or 4 Jawas during the battle, so you will lose 6 or 8 banners because of it. Usually the best way to defeat Geonosians is a Traya team with the zeta in the leader ability, then they lose health and protection every time that they assist, also is needed Darth Sion, could be enougn in a 3 vs 3 GAC, or with Darth Nihilus or Sith Trooper for a 5 vs 5 GAC, then you get a lot of banners thanks to not be needed use all spots and usually finish with full health in all characters. So the best is never farm Nebit and any other Jawa.

Chirrut Îmwe: Is a good character for a Jyn zeta lead team, thanks to him the Jyn team, if has zeta in the leader ability, recovers a lot of health and protection, is a good team for defense in the Grand Arena. Already I have told about him in the Baze Malbus tips. Is included in the HB and is farmable in the Fleet Store. Is better keep him at 5 stars until you finish to farm all the other interesting things in the Fleet Store, is not needed get more stars, at 5 stars is enough good.

Chopper: Is needed to improve the Phantom II ship, piloted with Ezra and Sabine, is a good ship in a Rebel fleet, because in the next capital ship turn you can call another reinforcement immediately, so you can have the 5 ships very fast, like add Ghost or Cassian as 5th ship and increase the chance to be assisted by the HMF and recover faster the Biggs protection. Also has a good damage after join in the arena, because gains offense up and advantage for 2 turns, also critical damage up for 2 turns thanks to the MHF, so does a lot of damage, usually around 100k. Also gets stealth for 2 turns if is a reinforcement. If your next reinforcement is Ghost then has a good synergy against enemies AoE abilities and AoE debuff abilities, because taunts and gets foresight, when the foresight expires lose the taunt and gainst stealth, so is an annoying ship, and also are good together to be mutually protected, because while Ghost is present, Phantom II gains Critical Hit Immunity, which can't be prevented or Dispelled and while Phantom II has no Protection, it has a 60% Chance each to gain Advantage, Defense Up, Foresight, Offense Up, and Speed Up for 2 turns at the end of its turn. While the Phantom II is active, the Ghost also has this ability. Also is a needed character for a Phoenix team, which are needed to unlock Thrawn. All Phoenix are included in the HB, so you can get Thrawn to 5 stars directly, but is interesting continue farming all of them to improve these ships and promote Thrawn to 7 stars. Also will be a good team for Grand Arena on defense, as is a team that recovers health and protection and can survive several battles. Usually the best is spend the Cantina Currency that you will get thanks to the Hoarded Cantina Energy to farm Ahsoka, Boba and Bistan. After them you can finish to farm Chopper. I put him in the "farm 3-5 months" later group because also could be a good option farm the Cassian ship before finish Chopper, but if you prefer finish Chopper first then could be only 2 months.

Clone Sergeant - Phase I: Is a good ship for Republic Galactic teams, like with Mace Windu or General Kenobi as capital ship. Also is a good character for a secondary Clone team, specially in the 3 vs 3 GAC, where the first team usually is Rex, Fives and Echo and the second could be Shaak Ti, Clone Sergeant and ARC Trooper. Is included in the HB, so is not needed farm him a lot in the early game, specially because usually appears in the bronzium cards, so is farmed automatically, better not waste Guild Store or Fleet Store currencies on him, and neither normal energy in any his 3 Hard Battles. Also is included the ship. I put him in the "farm 8-12 months later", but is an special case, is not needed farm him because of the bronzium data cards, but maybe when you are near to 7 stars, in like 8-12 months, you can farm him a little to finish him faster, specially if you start to use the General Kenobi capital ship.

Clone Wars Chewbacca: Is not bad in a Padme Galactic Republic team because gets a lot of courage stacks, sometimes gets 20 stacks and does damage equal to 160% of the target's Max Health, so can kill one character directly or make him from full protection to yellow or red health. Could be useful to save Yoda for a Jedi Revan team, by this way use Padme, Anakin, General Kenobi, Ahsoka and Chewie.In my hoards I have farmed Barriss for that purpose, to use in a GK team initially, which is a very good addition if you put the zeta on Barriss, and then to use her in a Padme team, to save Yoda for Jedi Revan or Bastila teams, so if you already have zeta Barriss is not needed farm and gear Chewie, and anyway if you need choose one of them to use in a Padme team is better Barriss than Chewie. Probably at that moment you also will be able to get C-3PO for the Padme team, then would not be needed Barriss, or if you not want put the zeta on Barriss and you not have C-3PO, always you can use R2-D2, Mace Windu or Qui-Gon Jinn as last member, all included in the HB or unlockable from first day. Is not included in the HB, starts at 3 stars, so I would say that the best is never farm him, specially because also sometimes appears in the bronzium data cards, getting 50 shards each time, so with only 2 times will be enough to promote him to 5 stars, but would be better keep him at lowest stars possible and level 1 without gears to reduce the Galactic Power and fight against easier players in the GAC.

Colonel Starck: In my hoards, currently is the first character that I make 7 stars, to be able to play heroic raids. I farmed him instead of Young Han Solo or the First Order SF TIE Pilot because is an easy option to get R2-D2 to 7 stars, who is needed to unlock CLS. As from the beginning you will have OT Chewie and Han Solo, if you can get CLS during the first months you will have another good team for Grand Arena, a team that usually will get almost full banners, is very interesting for offense. Also is a character needed for a Imperial Troopers team, a good team to defeat Nightsisters teams specially, usually with General Veers as leader, Snowtrooper, Death Trooper and Range Trooper. When Starck use the special, the Empire allies gain Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 3 turns, and the Veers leader ability makes that the Imperial Trooper allies gain 20 Speed and gain 10% Turn Meter whenever they gain a buff. Starck is a fast character, so with good speed mods should play first and make faster the rest of the team to play earlier than the enemies, specially earlier than Asajj Ventress against Nightsisters, by this way General Veers play first and with the special has 55% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 turn, by this way, if is applied, Asajj will not dispel the buff. When Range Trooper puts Retribution for 3 turns, then the Nightsisters are killed very fast. In all of this strategy is very important the initial Starck special to make faster the rest of the team, specially General Veers, who is 18 speed slower than Starck. If you bought a Hoard account with Young Han Solo instead of Starck, who was the most interesting option before the launch of the Hyperdrive Bundle, then anyway is a good option farm Starck, because you will have a lot of Hoarded Guild Currency, so you can get him to 7 stars very fast, enough currency to farm gears and Starck at same time.

Commander Luke Skywalker: Is one of the most interesting Legendary characters to get as soon as possible at the beginning, specially because a Hoard account includes 5 stars Han Solo and 7 stars Dengar that, with the 5 stars Boba, Cad Bane, IG-88 and Greedo from the HB, will allow you also get OT Chewie from the beginning, so if you also get CLS soon you will have a very good team for GAC. He unlocks at 7 stars. Is needed at 7 stars the following characters: R2-D2, Stormtrooper Han, Leia, Old Ben and Farmboy Luke. You get all of them at 5 stars directly, also in R2-D2, because you get 5 Empire characters at 5 stars to unlock R2-D2 to 5 stars from first day. To get 5 Empire characters to 7 stars will be needed get Palpatine to 7 stars, so is needed 5 Rebels to 7 stars. Biggs, Ackbar, Leia, Old Ben and Farmboy Luke is the most easy way, because Biggs and Ackbar are needed for Fleet Arena and Old Ben, Leia and Farmboy Luke are needed for this event, so if you farm all of them you also will be ready to get 7 stars Palpatine. Also Stormtrooper Han is needed for the event, another Rebel if is needed. If you buy a 2 rounds Hoard account also you will have 7 stars Han Solo, who is Rebel. Then, if you always buy Vader shards when appears maybe you can make him 7 stars, specially taking into account that starts at 5 stars and that after reclaim all achievements you will be near to 6 stars, and also you will get more shards in some other events, so would be the second easiest. The third could be TIE Fighter, is farmable the Fleet Store, the Guild Events Store and in the 4-B Cantina Battle, so you also can farm him always when appears on these stores and finish him in Cantina if is needed. Has a good ship which will be useful for GAC, as offensive or defensive team. Tarkin also will be needed for Fleet Arena, as second capital ship, for defense or offense. Appears in the Arena Store, the Fleet Store and the Guild Events Store, so is easy to farm. The last Empire would be Starck, who starts directly at 7 stars. If you account has Young Han Solo instead of Starck, then, as I said in the Starck tips, anyway is a good option farm Starck, because you will have a lot of Hoarded Guild Currency, so you can get him to 7 stars very fast, enough currency to farm gears and Starck at same time, is a good option to improve your Imperial Troopers team. In the HB is included General Veers, Snowtrooper, Death Trooper, Shoretrooper and Stormtrooper, so the best would be replace Stormtrooper and put Starck, and also, when you can, farm Range Trooper to replace Shoretrooper. If you prefer use the Guild currency only for gears or other character, then you can finish General Veers or Snowtrooper with the Guild Events Store only, if you buy one of them always when appears. With these 5 Empire you will be ready to get 7 stars R2-D2. Meanwhile keep farming Old Ben and Farmboy Luke in the Guild Store, while you farm Stormtrooper Han and Leia in the Arena Store. Only is needed 185 shards each, so only is 12 days to make Stormtrooper Han 7 stars and another 12 days to make Leia 7 stars, a total of 24 days. To make Old Ben and Farmboy Luke 7 stars, plus the Empire characters, probably delays a little more, so you can start farming other characters instead, like Ackbar and Tarkin first, to improve your capital ships, also are needed for the Palpatine and R2-D2 events. You can farm Ackbar, Tarkin, Stormtrooper Han and Leia in the Guild Events Store at same time. You will have a lot of Guild Events Store Currency hoarded thanks to the Hoard account, so you can do it to get faster these characters. You can use Cantina energy, also, if you see you that you need accelerate the Old Ben or Farmboy Luke farmings. If you focus to farm all the needed characters at same time, you can get CLS with less than 2 months, maybe only around 1 month.

Coruscant Underworld Police: Usually the people do a lot of jokes with him, like if was the worst character in the game, but is not the worst, has 50% chance to stun with the basic, has AoE ability which deals physical damage to all enemies with a 70% chance to inflict Offense Down for 2 turns, has an extra 30% potency and gains 20% turn meter when applies a debuff, so are useful abilities, there is not a lot of characters that stun with the basic, and is Galactic Republic, so can be used in a Padme or General Kenobi team. Is not included in the HB and only is farmable in the Arena Store, so probably is more interesting farm all the other characters there and when you have all of them still will be more interesting buy Prestige mats, credits or shards of some 7* character to get Shard Store currency and buy gears, so the best is never farm him.

Count Dooku: Is a good character in several teams, speciall in a Darth Nihilus and Nute Gunray teams. Is included in the HB. At the beginning you can use him in Grand Arena with Darth Nihilus as leader, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and some tank, like Stormtrooper or Shoretrooper. Later you can use him wit Nute Gunray as leader, with other Separatist, like IG-100 (Guild Store), Droideka (you get him in the IG-88 ship Hard Battle), Jango (you get him in the Hound's Tooth Hard Battle) or B2 (Guild Store), which are the most easiest Separatist to get that are not Geonosian or Nightsisters. These 5 character, with Asajj Ventress, also are a good option to get Padme, an event where is needed 5 Separatist. Also is a good team for Grand Arena on defense or offense. The Geonosians only are good on defense, because the equalization makes lose protection to all Geonosian at same time, so usually you will lose 5 banners because of it on offense. Instead, with a Nute Gunray team, thanks to the Dooku special, which keeps stealthed all non-tank Separatist, they will keep atacking the tank, like IG-100 or Sun Fac, so you will get an extra 4 banners. In the 2 rounds Hoard accounts I farm B2, IG-100, plus Sun Fac which also I farm in the 1 round Hoard accounts, so with Dooku and Asajj you will have ready 5 Separatist to unlock Padme. Nute Gunray would be a good addition there, like instead of B2, to improve the damages and be easier unlock Padme and later also get 6 and 7 stars. Is farmable in the 1-C Dark Side Hard Battle, 1-C Light Side Hard Battle and 6-G Cantina Battle. You can start to farm him in the Hard Battlles after finish to farm the required characters for Jedi Revan and Darth Revan. Only are 12 energy battles, so with only 120 energy per day you can get an average of 3,33 shards per day, so to get the 185 shards for 7 stars only will delay 55 days from then.


I will do a description of all characters in alphabetical order.

Check the complete list in the following link to know which characters will be included in the next days: